‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Leaks Snippets of ‘In A Love Letter Life’

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are writing a book and Audrey leaked some snippets ahead of publishing, according to Radar Online. In A Love Letter Life, is a tell-all book that will come out in three parts next year. Fans now have an idea of what the book will contain. The part that Audrey is writing seems to be directed at helping Christian women make the right decision on choosing a partner.

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Audrey Roloff pressured by book deadline 

Audrey went onto Instagram Stories and posted about her progress on In A Love Letter Life. She revealed that she was under some pressure to get everything done. This was evident because she captioned her post, “Pushing hard to get this thing done on time.” The Little People, Big World couple announced the book back in March. Consequently, with a release date set for April next year, she and Jeremy only have nine months to finish it. As for Jeremy’s contribution, we are not yet sure of where he will take it because he’s keeping quiet.

The reality TV star posted a video and Radar Online was quick to spot the leaks as there was a snippet of her work screen. It was not easy to see everything but it was possible to get a good idea of the chapter Audrey was working on. It should be no surprise to fans of Little People, Big World, that the chapter was about a Christian viewpoint.

Audrey Roloff advice on finding Mr. Right

She already has her own Christian Blog, and this part of the book deals with relationships. It seems to be a how-to hookup for Christian girls.  Jeremy and Audrey advocate for “friends first.” Friendship is the “groundwork for pursuit,” according to Audrey. She told readers that “All the single ladies, [must] volume up.” She added, “chances are the guy you’re after does not want to be caught.”

Besides that, she said,”He’s just not that into you, and…proves he’s not worth your time and effort. It’s time to move on.” She feels that a man will pursue a woman who builds a friendship. Audrey added more details that cement the idea of giving expert advice from a Christian perspective. Seemingly, she feels that it’s best to build a friendship before getting into the love thing.  The guy is more likely to text the woman first, she noted. She noted that “Our period of friendship gave Jeremy the opportunity to pursue me.”

Some fans unimpressed by Roloff’s effort

The leak in that particular chapter did not impress everyone. Actually, some people questioned how she could know all about making a marriage work because she is still very young. @RosewoodGirlz posted on Twitter, “Nothing like a twenty-something telling everyone how to have a perfect #christian marriage.” Conversely, there are very few great responses on social media. Rather, there’s almost a sense of indifference.

What are your thoughts on Audrey, advising Christian girls on how to find their perfect partner in their book? Jeremy and Audrey became Mr. and Mrs. Roloff just five months after becoming engaged: Although, in fairness to them, they were friends for around five years. Presumably, things are looking rosy for Jeremy and Audrey. However, a few years back, that’s what we thought about Ami and Matt’s relationship. Do you think Audrey Roloff has enough married life experience to advise other young people on relationships?

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