‘Life After Lockup’: Angela Pees on Tony’s Wedding Ring

Life After Lockup spoilers say Angela Gail pees on Tony’s wedding ring. Tony bailed on Angela right after their wedding. Finally walking down the aisle was a big part of their storyline on the previous season of the WEtv spinoff. But, based on teasers for the upcoming quarantine special, it didn’t take long for things to go south for the newly-married pair.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Angela Gail Not Speaking to Tony

Life After Lockup spoilers report Angela Gail coping with the aftermath of Tony leaving her again. She says it reminds her of when he was still in prison. And, at this point in their WEtv storyline, Angela tells her sister that they haven’t spoken in four months. And, that he bailed shortly after they tied the knot.

Angela Gail and Tony have a history of calling it quits and getting back together on Life After Lockup. Tony has an eye for the ladies. And, Angela caught him several times talking to other women and hanging out with “prostitutes”. But, based on the latest teasers from the upcoming quarantine special, things are over for good.

Life After Lockup: Tony

Relationship with Tony Down the Toilet

Angela Gail invested years into her relationship with Tony. And, Life After Lockup spoilers show that time and energy is down the drain. Angela tells her sister that she tied Tony’s ring to her toilet. And, as a result, she pees on it whenever she uses the bathroom. And, that’s an accurate representation of where things currently stand for the former couple.

Angela Gail says in Life After Lockup spoilers that this is her way of dealing with all the “emotions” in the aftermath of things ending with Tony. Meanwhile, on top of all that, there’s the COVID-19 pandemic to deal with. But, Angela’s sister is glad lockdown is in effect because it keeps the ex-con away. If not for social distancing, Angela’s sister believes they’d get back together.

Life After Lockup: Tony - Angela Gail

Life After Lockup: Angela Moving on with New Man?

Angela Gail says in Life After Lockup spoilers that Tony is the “ultimate liar”. And, months after they called it quits, teasers say she moves on with a new man. Like Tony, her new “pen pal” is also in prison. She adds in teasers that she is lonely. And, that she misses human contact. But, it looks like she’s going down the same road she did with Tony in the past.

Meanwhile, her sister doesn’t take the news well when Angela tells her that she wants another inmate boyfriend. Her sibling was against her union with Tony from the beginning. And, with everything hitting the fan in that relationship, her sister doesn’t want her making the same mistakes all over again.

Angela says in Life After Lockup teasers that there’s a reason why she likes dating inmates. She likes the idea of knowing where they are at all times. This is especially true given how often Tony bailed on her once he got out. He spent time in hotel rooms with other women. And, his whereabouts were often a major concern in their storyline. It’s likely watchers will know more about her latest Life After Lockup love interest once the new spinoff premieres.

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