‘Last Man Standing’: New Mandy Baxter Actress Molly McCook Out of Place, Say Fans

Last Man Standing’s Mandy Baxter (Molly McCook) has plenty of Twitter fingers typing. Now that the sitcom has returned to TV, several changes have been made, including the shifting of cast members. And the fact that there’s a new actress starring as Mandy has ruffled some feathers.

Last Man Standing: Molly McCook is now Mandy Baxter

Last Man Standing made fun of the real-life drama that the sitcom has experienced. Rebooted like Murphy BrownLast Man Standing’s new Mandy character has been called wrong casting by certain Twitter fans. Although Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing enjoyed 8 million viewers on Fox in the 18-49 demographic, the buzz centered around Mandy.

The seventh season premiered with Molly McCook starring as Mandy Baxter, instead of Molly Ephraim. Meanwhile, Molly Ephraim ignored the #NotMyMandy buzz swelling on social media. She appears to have gotten busy with other pursuits in the interim.

Molly McCook is not new to Hollywood she has a well known Daytime father who is a fan favorite on CBS’s daytime lineup. John McCook plays Eric Forrester on CBS’s Bold and the Beautiful and has played many other characters on television including Lance Prentiss on daytime’s The Young and the Restless.

#NotMyMandy hashtag appears

The Last Man Standing actress switch has caused consternation upon the show’s return. The new Mandy is blonde and taller – much taller than Molly Ephraim. Kristin Baxter (Amanda Fuller) was previously portrayed by Alexandra Krosney, who lost her job due to “creative reasons.”

Boyd Baxter (Jet Jurgensmeyer) has also been recast. Yet it seems the new Mandy is the main character recast that has brought the most controversy. With the show that was canceled by ABC in 2017 now back in full swing, Last Man Standing made fun of the melee.

Last Man Standing – Oh, Mandy

Jokes about Last Man Standing getting canceled were front and center during the premiere. “You know, the TV business can be a heartless bastard. Why would they cancel a popular show that everybody loves?”

Calling decision-makers who canceled the show “a bunch of idiots,” the characters joked about Last Man Standing moving from one channel to another. “Oh, Mike. They don’t just take a show off one network and put it on a different one.” The jabs against ABC continued, with the characters calling Fox a “way better” network. Whether fans will eventually find the new Mandy “way better” and stop begging the old Mandy Baxter to return remains to be seen.

The show praised its “loyal, kick-ass fans,” and quipped that Mandy “changed something about herself.”

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) joked that he liked Mandy’s new look. “She looks exactly the same. Whoa, Mandy. You haven’t changed a bit,” came the jokes. But the ratings for Last Man Standing are no joke. The show Last Man Standing – with its seventh season successful debut on Fox – could win over new Friday night fan base. However, some believe that casting agents and directors should have tapped an actress more similar in looks to the original Mandy.

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