‘Murphy Brown’: Hillary Clinton is Hilary Clendon in Reboot

Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) interviewed Hilary Clendon (Hillary Clinton) for the iconic role of Brown’s everchanging secretary. Recently, Murphy returned to the TV scene 20 years after going off the air. And she brought a big Clinton surprise.

Hillary Clinton in surprise Murphy Brown cameo

Like The ConnersMurphy Brown features current political topics. Yet Clinton’s appearance on Murphy Brown was kept a big secret for the reboot. During the episode, Murphy noted just how much “Hilary Clendon” favored the former presidential candidate. But instead of Hillary with two Ls, this Hilary only had one L. And her surname wasn’t Clinton but Clendon.

Nevertheless, the Murphy Brown surprise appearance shocked fans. Clendon was notably overqualified for the secretarial position, a not-so-subtle jab at President Donald Trump. With Murphy’s new cable news show at the helm, Brown found herself engaged in a Twitter war with Trump. Bergen and Trump went on an infamous date once.

Clinton talks emails on Murphy Brown

Murphy has blown through approximately 90 secretaries through the years. But none have perhaps been as high-profiled as Hillary Clinton. The Murphy In The Morning potential new employee was kept a secret, ever since show creator Diane English danced the vision around in January.

Clinton’s appearance became a reality for Murphy Brown and NDAs were signed. “H.R. is gonna send someone up to interview as your new secretary,” went the Clinton lead-in. Murphy was delighted, since she declared she hadn’t had a new secretary in some time. Meanwhile, Hillary wore a traditional red pantsuit to interview for the secretarial position.

“Yes, Hilary. Hilary Clendon,” she said, followed by the laugh track reaction. When Brown noted how much she looked like  Hillary Clinton, the character noted, “I get that a lot.”

Will Hillary become Murphy’s secretary?

The Hilary with one “L” may have only made one cameo appearance on Murphy Brown, but time will tell. English spoke of the miracle of getting Clinton to appear at all for the show, considering her pretty demanding travel schedule. But the woman whom Murphy claimed had a reputation that precedes her noted that she wasn’t afraid of hard work.

“I’m qualified and ready on day one,” Clinton quipped via her Murphy Brown character, pulling a line from her campaign. As for previous secretarial experience, Clendon noted that she was the secretary of a very large organization for four years.

Hillary’s emails are a joke

When Murphy asked about Clendon possessing all the requisite skills such as computer experience and e-mail, it was a setup for the political punchline. “E-mails. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I-I do have some experience with e-mails,” Clendon stammered.

As for proving her teamwork skills, Clendon pulled out a famous line from her famous book. “Everyone works together. It takes a village,” she said. Murphy was impressed but needed time to think the whole thing over. The kicker was the email address left on the card: Hilary@youcouldahadme.com.

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