‘Jersey Shore’: Roger Mathews 911 Call on Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Made Public

Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s estranged husband, Roger Mathews calls 911 on her. Jenni Farley filed for a divorce claiming “irreconcilable difference” a couple of months ago. The couple has been going through a rough patch in their marriage for months. The situation took a turn for the worse, when Roger called the police in fear that JWoww would make up a crazy story to get him arrested. This is not the first time cops have been called on a Jersey Shore cast member.

Jenni and Roger have two children together. Four year old, Meilani Alexandra and two year old, Greyson Valor. The Jersey Shore couple claims to be doing the best to keep their children out of it. However, this 911 call took place while the children were around. You can hear them in the background in the audio clip.

Jersey Shore: Roger Mathews 911 Call Revealed

The call between Roger Mathews and New Jersey’s Tom’s River Police Department was recently made public. The short call starts off with a lady telling dispatch that Roger and Jenni are in the middle of a divorce. Roger then gets on the call. However, he is unable to answer much questions as he is trying to explain what is happening to his children by telling them “mommy can’t control her emotions.”

The reason Roger Mathews called the police on his Jersey Shore wife was out of fear. He feared that Jenni Farley would call the police when he leaves and make up some allegation. According to Roger that is “typical Jenni” behavior. Roger made the phone call so the police would be present if any allegations would be made at a later time. He says that by calling he is “ensuring that she cannot do that.”

Jenni Farley (JWoww) Unable To Control Her Emotions

In an Instagram post, he explains the incident and states that Jenni Farley became “completely, uncontrollably emotional.” A behavior that he sees often from Jenni Farley. He says Jenni Farley threatened him by saying she was going to call the cops on him. He believed there was no reason for her to call the cops. However, he decided to call the police first.


Fans of Jersey Shore know that JWoww can have a temper. In numerous episodes Jenni Farley has got into many arguments and fights. However, when asked about violence and weapons Roger stated “it’s not on that level.”

Roger Mathews Ends Up In The Back Of A Cop Car

The Jersey Shore alum JWoww ended up filing a restraining order against her husband. Since a restraining order was filed, Roger Mathews was woken up by the police and put in the back of a cop car and taken away. He explains the whole situation in multiple Instagram video posts. In the Instagram video he explains that his wife was hysterically yelling and shouting at him.

The restraining order also means that he couldn’t go back home and is not able to see his children. He says in the video that this is the first time he has been away from his children in a very long time. However, a recent Instagram post shows that Roger has been reunited with his children.

Jenni Farley posted to her Instagram account a statement that claims that any social media posts or statements made are false. Many of the Jersey Shore show cast members, including best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, have shown their support towards JWoww. On the other hand, Roger uses his Instagram account in hopes that the truth will come out.

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