‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Spoilers: Vinny’s Uncle Nino Confronts Jen Harley About Abuse During Wedding

Jersey Shore Family Vacation spoilers reveal that Vinny Guadagnino’s uncle confronts Jen Harley during Mike Sorrentino’s wedding. Uncle Nino addresses his concerns about what media outlets are reporting. He sees Ronnie Ortiz-Magro as family. Therefore, he wants to make sure that Ronnie is being treated with respect. However, Jen Harley expresses that reports aren’t telling the truth. Will the truth be revealed?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Vinny Guadagnino Too Drunk To Dance

Vinny Guadagnino is on a strict keto diet. Therefore, he doesn’t drink much alcohol. Or much of anything for that matter. However, Vinny decides to have a few drinks during Mike’s wedding. Which wasn’t a good idea. Since he has to preform a dance in front of all the guests. However, Vinny isn’t the only one who has been drinking. Pauly DelVecchio will also be performing drunk.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino not wanting to preform the dance because he has been drinking. Vinny admits that “we don’t drink that much for everyone, but for you we’re getting lit.” Vinny isn’t the only one making a scene. His Uncle Nino starts to bring up TMZ drama.

Uncle Nino Stirs The Pot

Uncle Nino has made many appearances on the show. He is always saying crazy things. Leave it up to Uncle Nino to ask the questions that everyone wants to know the answers to. However, they are too afraid to ask. Therefore, when he sees Ronnie’s baby mamma Jen Harley he brings up the news that he heard from a media outlet. Uncle Nino gets real with Jen. 

Jersey Shore Family Vacation spoilers indicate that Uncle Nino confronts Jen Harley about the recent events that took place between her and Ronnie. Uncle Nino starts to stir the pot a little. A wedding may not be the best time to bring up the subject, but it’s expectable of Uncle Nino to do so. He asks Jen “you’re beating up on him?” Referring to reports made by TMZ. He adds “what’s that all about?”

Jen Harley Calls It Fake News

According to reports, Jen Harley was abusing Ronnie days before Mike’s wedding. Therefore, the Jersey Shore crew didn’t think Jen would even show up. Everyone hoped that it would be a drama free wedding. However, with Jen in attendance something is bound to happen.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation spoilers explain that Jen Harley states that what the media outlets are saying she did was not true. She says that “it’s fake news.” She doesn’t explain what actually happened. However, Ronnie previously admitted that he lied about certain things to cover up the truth. Whether the news is fake or true, Ron and Jen have one complicated relationship.

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