Is Julie Williams Going to Die on ‘Days of Our Lives’?

Everyone wants to know is Julie Williams going to die on Days of Our Lives and if Susan Seaforth Hayes is leaving the show. Right now, things look really rough for the matriarch, but she may yet pull through. The latest DOOL spoilers have Julie’s heart giving out and the clock running down for him.

UNOS won’t put her on the heart transplant list because of Julie’s age. Of course, there’s someone else in the hospital in crisis that could be a viable transplant option. But will this work out in Julie’s favor or will Julie Williams die on DOOL?

Is Julie Williams Dying on Days of Our Lives?

After five decades on the soap, off an on, it would be hard for longtime DOOL watchers to lose Julie Williams. It’ll also be really hard if she doesn’t survive because it’ll forever stain Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) reputation. She’d be the “woman that killed Julie Williams” for the rest of her life. Already, Gabi feels very guilty.

There’s also chatter that Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) might be killed off soon because the actor’s contract was only short-term. If Stefan winds up dying, it would be very likely that Gabi would donate his heart to save Julie Williams, because she feels terrible for leaving Julie for dead in the park, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Will DOOL Kill Off Julie – Susan Seaforth Hayes Leaving?

With everyone wondering if Julie Williams is leaving Days of Our Lives, that begs the question of Susan Seaforth Hayes’ contract status. To clarify, sources say that Susan Seaforth Hayes is not on contract at the NBC soap, nor is she recurring. In fact, she’s classified as a “guest star”. That means she drops in and out as needed for storyline purposes.

But it doesn’t seem likely that DOOL will get rid of Julie Williams. In fact, it looks like someone else will die and Julie gets their heart. The question is who will it be? One candidate is Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) who’s been shot and dug herself out of the grave. The other is possibly Stefan, tease Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Will Julie Williams Die on Days of Our Lives?

It would be truly sad for longtime DOOL fans if the NBC soap killed off Julie. But, it might happen. However, the recent video promo seems to offer hope. They keep bringing up a heart transplant on the show for a reason. Odds are that Julie Williams gets a new heart and lives to fight another day. So, don’t count feisty Julie out just yet.

It also doesn’t seem likely that Julie Williams dies on Days of Our Lives. It’s also not likely she gets Kate Roberts’ heart either. Chatter has it that Kate sticks around too. So, the most likely options for Susan Seaforth Hayes’ character to survive are either Stefan’s heart – or someone random dying that’s a match for Julie Williams and saves her life. Watch DOOL to see how it goes.

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