Is Hilary Coming Back to ‘Young and the Restless’ – New Y&R Video of Mishael Morgan

Everyone’s asking if Hilary Curtis is coming back to Young and the Restless. On the Thursday episode, Mishael Morgan’s character knocks on Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) door. He’ll open it and his jaw drops. It sure looks like Devon thinks Hilary is at his door. But is it her and if so, how? Devon married her on her deathbed then she passed away. So, did Y&R resurrect her somehow? Take a look at what’s up as Mishael Morgan returns this week, who she will play, and the fate of Hilary Curtis on the CBS sudsfest.

Is Hilary Curtis Back on Young and the Restless – Spoilers Promo Drops Hint

Y&R spoilers remind that fans raged over despised showrunner Mal Young killing off Hilary Curtis. And given that there’s a faked death scheme going right now with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), there seems little hope that the show will also say Hilary Curtis’ death was fake. However, the new showrunners are desperate to bring up ratings and they know that watchers want Mishael Morgan back. So, they signed her to a three-year deal although her character’s dead.

So, how will the show explain it and who is that woman at Devon’s door? Well, the first things to note are her drastically different physical appearance from that of Hilary Curtis. Although the face is the same, nothing else much is. Hilary always had bouncy wilder fun hair. This woman at the door has smooth locks that are sophisticated and utterly different. Plus, she’s dressed all in white and very conservatively. Young and the Restless spoilers remind that Hilary Curtis was always in colors, patterns, and haute fashion.

Who is Mishael Morgan Playing on Y&R?

So, it’s clearly not Hilary Curtis that Mishael’s playing. But who is it? Remember the lawsuit against Devon over Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) will? The attorney handling the case is Amanda Sinclair. And that’s who he’s staring in the face as he opens to the knock at his penthouse door. The lawyer fighting him over billions is there to see him. So, this will be hard on him because she looks so much like his dead wife.

And you know he was just hallucinating her a couple of months ago. So, for a moment Devon might not even think there’s a real person standing there. But she’s very real and her name is Amanda Sinclair. And she’s representing people that think they got a raw deal when it comes to Katherine’s will. A few minutes before she showed up, Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that the show plays the old clip of the will reading that showed him getting the bulk of the estate.

Did Young and the Restless Resurrect Hilary Curtis? No – It’s a New Character

Y&R spoilers promise that we’ll find out more about Mishael Morgan’s new character by the end of this week and plenty more heading into next week. It might be hard for Devon to do battle over his billions when he’s got to stare at a face that looks just like his soul mate. So, while it wasn’t possible for the CBS soap to dig up Hilary and bring her back, they’ve done the next best thing. At least they brought back Mishael.

What do you think? Are you excited to see who this new character is and how long it’ll take before Devon’s falling for her? Keep watching Y&R to see it happen.

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