‘Young and the Restless’ Shocker: Mishael Morgan Back – Inks 3 Year Deal at ‘Y&R’

Young and the Restless spoilers offer stunning casting news about Mishael Morgan. A reliable source confirmed the chatter that she’s back to the CBS soap. There’s no confirmation as to the character she’ll play after the tragic death of iconic Hilary Curtis. But the details will come. For now, a trustworthy source with a history of confirmed leaks says that she’s back. Here’s what else came out and when we can expect to see Mishael Morgan back on Y&R on CBS daytime.

Young and the Restless Casting News – Mishael Morgan Back on Contract – When?

The Y&R chatter about the return of Mishael Morgan’s been simmering a while. So Hilary Curtis fans have had fingers crossed for months. This talk first bubbled up in late Spring with viewers hoping to see their favorite Genoa City schemer back in action. One thing that’s not known is whether she’ll reprise the character of Hilary.

Sure, Hilary died. But that doesn’t mean anything on a soap, right? They can find a way to revive her since fans would love to have her back in her original role. But even if that wish doesn’t come true, it seems Mishael Morgan returns to Young and the Restless soon. When will she back? It could be November sweeps – or even sooner.

Y&R Welcomes Back Mishael Morgan – Starts Taping in Two Weeks

Young and the Restless spoilers talks about the return of Mishael Morgan came from TV Source, among other leakers, back in June. This week, another source with an excellent track record for early plot and casting leaks, Dave Bedford, offers confirmation and details. He says that Mishael’s contract status is no longer a rumor, but confirmed by set sources not authorized to speak on the record.

The talk is that she inked a three year contract with the CBS soap. Mishael Morgan beings taping at the end of this month, according to Bedford’s sources. That means she could be on your TV screen by October as they tape roughly six weeks ahead. While it’d be nice for sweeps, the sooner the better as far as Mishael Morgan’s fans are concerned. It hit hard when she was axed from Young and the Restless by now-disgraced showrunner Mal Young.

Below is a look back at when Mishael first joined the cast – let’s hope for another video like this soon with info on her upcoming role.

Who Will Mishael Morgan Play on Young and the Restless?

Because it’s a soap, Y&R could simply resurrect Hilary Curtis. They could write it that she faked her death with an assist from Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) because she was so distraught over losing her baby. Alternately, they could go full soapy goodness and add a never-before-mentioned twin of schemer Hilary Curtis.

Then again, Young and the Restless could bring her back as a doppelganger with no known ties to Hilary – or simply drop her back in and never mention the resemblance. All have done before on the CBS sudser. It seemed clear to fans this was coming. They’re setting up Nate to scoop up Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) leaving Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) single again.

Plus, he continued to be haunted by visions of Hilary Curtis. So, having her back on contract is sure to thrill fans of the soap. While Y&R was probably hoping to stage an epic shock by bringing back Mishael Morgan on the sly, leaks tend to happen. It’s hard for any soap to pull off a real coup. But this is great news for fans – so keep watching for more on this incredible casting news on Mishael Morgan’s return.

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