‘Growing Up Chrisley’: Brand New Trailer for Spinoff with Chase and Savannah Chrisley Released

Growing Up Chrisley news includes the first official trailer for the upcoming show. Chase Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley are about to embark on a brand new adventure in sunny Los Angeles. But another family member will be turning their duo into a trio!

Nanny Faye is tagging along, which is sure to amount to some memorable moments. Yet the group has a three-month deadline according to father Todd Chrisley. Can Savannah and Chase Chrisley prove they have what it takes to make it on their own?

Growing Up Chrisley: Chase Chrisley Wants To Be An Actor

Like many young adults who move to LA, Chase Chrisley dreams of becoming an actor. It can be hard to break into the business, but Chase has been known to work hard for what he wants. Like the time he put in all the work to get his Real Estate license.

Obviously, his dad, Todd Chrisley, is skeptical. He says he looks forward to, “eating in the restaurant that Chase is gonna be working in.” When Julie asks him how much trouble they could really get into, Todd deadpans, “jail.”

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Savannah Chrisley Going To LA To Expand Her Brand

Unlike her brother Chase, Savannah Chrisley has a more stable plan once she reaches the City of Angels. Growing Up Chrisley’s Savannah is going to expand her new brand and make more products for empowering women. She also wants to broaden her reach in the pageant world.

Her current boyfriend, Nic Kerdiles, is a professional hockey play for the Anaheim Ducks. So, Nic will be a lot closer to Savannah than if she were still in Nashville. In the trailer, she exclaims, “I think LA is where we need to be.”

Growing Up Chrisley: Nanny Faye Along For The Ride

How could anyone forget Nanny Faye? Todd Chrisley’s mother will be joining the kids on their trip to LA. While it is unclear how Nanny Faye got involved, we could not be more excited to see her take Los Angeles by storm. But we do not think she will be finding many cute cowboys on the Walk of Fame.

Nanny Faye will have plenty of things to do trying to keep up with her grandkids. Hopefully, she still has time to hit up a couple of casinos!

Does Savannah Join A Cult?

Savannah Chrisley is seen during the trailer on some kind of wellness retreat. Although this is a typical occurrence in Hollywood, Todd berates Chase. He accuses his son of letting his sister join a cult. There is no way that Todd stays away for three months.

We will probably be seeing a lot of him on Growing Up Chrisley. The new series premieres on April 2.

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