‘Growing Up Chrisley’: Newly Single Chase Chrisley Focused on Acting Career

Growing Up Chrisley star Chase Chrisley split from girlfriend Lindsey Merrick and is living single in LA. The two started dating in mide-late 2018. But in a recent interview, Savannah Chrisley announced that Chase and Lindsey are no longer together. Now, he is going to focus on himself and following his acting dreams before he is ready to throw himself back out there. Here’s what happens behind the scenes on the USA show.

Growing Up Chrisley: Chase Chrisley Not Ready to Settle Down

In a recent interview with Access Live, Savannah Chrisley revealed that her brother Chase Chrisley and Lindsey Merrick broke up. The couple started up in Fall 2018 but their social media interactions died down around February 2019. Apparently, it was just not the right time for the young couple.

But Savannah admitted that the Chrisley family loves Lindsey because she is such a nice girl. She explains that her brother Chase, “just isn’t ready for a good girl, yet”. So, maybe there is still hope for the adorable couple. Fans of the pair should not give up hope. But for now, Chase Chrisley is very much single as will be seen on the upcoming series Growing Up Chrisley.


Lindsey Merrick Had Todd Chrisley’s Stamp of Approval

Not only did the girl capture the heart of Chase Chrisley, but she is well loved by the whole Chrisley Knows Best family. She even managed to snag a stamp of approval from the hard-to-impress patriarch Todd Chrisley himself. Todd describes Lindsey Merrick as, “one of the sweetest souls around”. Which is huge because of how much Todd disliked Chase’s previous girlfriend Brooke Noury.

Being on Todd’s good side makes things much easier for anyone trying to date a member of the Chrisley family. Because Todd can be downright scary when he doesn’t like someone or something. And he usually gets what he wants when he sets his mind to it. So it’s a big deal that Chase Chrisley’s gal pal got the greenlight from Todd. So we’ll see what happens on Growing Up Chrisley.

Growing Up Chrisley: Chase Chrisley Focused on Acting

Instead of jumping right back into the dating pool, Chase Chrisley is going to take some time to focus on himself and his acting career. On the new show, we will get to see Chase trying to break into the Hollywood scene and start working on his lifelong dream of being in show business.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he won’t find a new girlfriend when he hits the West coast. According to his sister, Chase Chrisley spends a lot of time partying, so there’s no telling what he will get into when the Chrisley Knows Best spinoff premieres tonight at 10 on USA.

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