‘General Hospital’: What’s Wrong With Leslie Charleson’s Hand – Monica Quartermaine Actress Injured

Fans keep asking what’s up with General Hospital vet Leslie Charleson, AKA Monica Quartermaine? The actress has several scenes lately on the ABC soap with her left hand completely obscured by bandages. Monica was seen chatting with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and others at the hospital. She carried charts and folders, but was very careful with her hand.

So, did Leslie Charleson break her hand or take a tumble? Worried watchers want to know what’s wrong with Monica Quartermaine and what happened to Leslie Charleson’s hand. Here’s the answer. It’s another pet-triggered injury which we’ve seen before. Last year, Leslie had to miss some episodes. This time around, she’s soldiering through her soap scenes despite what happened.

General Hospital’s Leslie Charleson Had Surgery – Monica Quartermaine Left in Bandages

It seems the GH actress spent some time in a real hospital recently. In fact, Leslie Charles had hand surgery on July 27. So, it’s been a month ago, and she’s reportedly fully recovered now. But as the ABC soap shoots a month ahead, that means she was fresh off that surgery when the scenes filmed that we’re seeing this week. Back then, Leslie Charleson posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed on Facebook with the caption “Ooops I did it again!” She’s referring to her last pet-related fiasco last year, no doubt.

The actress admitted she hurt herself rescuing her tortoise. The injury required what she called “a little hand surgery”. It turns out she broke her hand saving her beloved pet. This isn’t the first time that Leslie Charleson’s been sidelined for a pet-related ouchie. Last year, she was temporarily recast with Patty McCormack after she was walking her dog and took a tumble, injuring herself by breaking her hip. This time, though, the actress was able to keep up with her scheduled General Hospital appearances.

General Hospital: Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson)

GH Actress Leslie Charleson Needed Surgery – But Monica Quartermaine Actress Is Okay Now

This time, the Monica Quartermaine’s actress didn’t have such a severe injury. Because, she was at General Hospital fan club weekend events not long afterwards. So, truly the surgery must have been “little” as she said. She posed with other GH stars at the event with her bandaged hand front and center. Now, it seems she’s doing much better. So, it seems that Leslie Charleson will stop at nothing – not even injuring herself – when it comes to her pets.

So, that’s the answer to what’s wrong with Leslie Charleson’s hand. As for Monica Quartermaine on GH, spoilers say she’s got big storyline stuff coming with Drew Cain (Billy Miller) going missing and her wanting to hear from Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), aka Dranco, what Drew’s life was like growing up far away from the Qs. It’s good news that Leslie Charleson’s okay and will be just fine for future appearances.

Leslie Charleson’s portrayed Monica Quartermaine continually on GH since 1977 and also on its two spinoffs Night Shift and Port Charles. As the Quartermaine matriarch, fans treasure her. So, we’re happy to report she’s recovering nicely and send best wishes to the long-time GH actress.

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