‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Sticks Around – Baby Plans With Kim – Coby on Contract

General Hospital spoilers report Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) asks Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) to make a baby with her. Recently, Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) both turned Kim down for making a baby. Certainly, she is determined to have a new baby and she takes drastic measures to make it happen.

Of course, Shiloh thinks he already has a child out there somewhere. However, the truth is bound to come out soon. This week, Kim Nero asks him to help her “bring back Oscar” and Shiloh Archer agrees. Plus, Coby’s reportedly on contract with the ABC sudser. So, that means Shiloh sticks around Port Charles a while, say GH spoilers, maybe with Kim Nero.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero Desperate For A New Baby

GH spoilers promise Kim Nero will do anything to have another child. Certainly, she is not grieving Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) in a healthy way. She truly believes that she is not whole unless she is a mother. Additionally, she thinks that this is what Oscar wants and that is the only way to keep his memory alive. Plus, she is now hallucinating Oscar-babies.

After Julian turned her down, she turned to Drew Cain instead. She practically begged him to make a new Oscar with her. Of course, he was shocked, and said he doesn’t want to make a grief baby. He was stunned to learn she’d asked Julian first. Now, it seems Kim will get the shadiest guy in town to make a baby with her, reveal General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Shiloh Agrees to Make a Baby?

On the most recent General Hospital, spoilers say she invites Shiloh Archer to stop by and asks him to step up to the plate. One thing everyone knows about the Dawn of Day leader is that he’s baby crazy. So, a woman stepping up and asking for him to impregnate her is a no-brainer for this shady guy.

But, she doesn’t necessarily offer to get physical with him, hint GH spoilers. Surely, she might decide to go a more clinical route and just ask for his biological materials. Shiloh’s ego swells and he’ll be honored and thrilled to except. Additionally, he is bound to find out soon that the baby he is fighting for died. So, when he does, it will be all the more reason to take Kim up on her offer, say General Hospital spoilers.

Shiloh Archer Learns His Baby Died – Accepts Kim’s Offer

General Hospital spoilers say the truth about Wiley’s parentage is going to eventually come out. Then, Shiloh will discover that he did, indeed, father Willow’s baby but it tragically died. No doubt, Shiloh’s devastated even though he never met the child. This means making a baby with Kim Nero is even more appealing.

Surely, Kim and Shiloh will both be trying to replace children they lost. Certainly, Kim is spiraling out of control. The worst thing she can do is try to replace Oscar with a new child. Especially, with a person like Shiloh Archer. Later, once Julian Jerome and Drew Cain hear of this, they will hit the roof. Especially, Julian who is fighting to keep a baby out of Shiloh’s clutches, say General Hospital spoilers.

Drew Cain And Julian Jerome Worry For Kim – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers know Julian and Drew are extremely concerned about Kim Nero. Certainly, they both know she is not grieving in a healthy way. No doubt, they were both stunned beyond belief that she is begging them to have another baby. Now, when they learn she is asking Shiloh, of all people, to impregnate her, they will be livid.

Of course, Drew will be upset because he knows Shiloh is no good and gets a bad vibe about him. However, Julian will be furious because he has a personal vendetta against Shiloh. Certainly, he is threatening so many people he cares about. He is fighting to protect his family from Shiloh. So, there is no way he will let Kim have a baby with him without a fight, say General Hospital spoilers.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin On Contract With GH

General Hospital spoilers say Coby Ryan McLaughlin is now on contract with the soap. So, this means Shiloh Archer isn’t leaving anytime soon. Certainly, many characters would like him to disappear. However, when it comes to Shiloh, there is still a lot of story to tell.

Surely, there is still the death of Douglas Miller, his connection to Drew Cain and much more to learn about Shiloh Archer. Stay tuned to ABC weekdays to see more of Shiloh Archer on your screen. Also, follow along as Kim Nero asks the DoD leader to be the father of her child.

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