‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Spends Valentine’s With Another Man – Is It Shiloh?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will spend Valentine’s Day with another man. That man may be Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Sam has hatched a plan to expose Shiloh’s true intentions. However, it involves pretending to be single and as vulnerable as possible.

So, she fakes breaking up with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and prepares to let Shiloh wear her down to the point where she joins Dawn of Day. That could mean she spends the most romantic day of the year with the Dawn of Day cult leader. He may be cute but clearly he’s up to something shady.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Sam McCall Call It Quits

On GH, Sam McCall and Jason Morgan took their time and finally made their way back to each other. Of course, now there’s a new roadblock in their way. After visiting DoD and hearing Daisy (Kelsey Wang) confess to harassing her, Sam is more convinced than ever that Shiloh Archer is up to no good. More importantly, she is worried about the safety of her little sister Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth).

Sam needs to figure out what game Shiloh is playing and get Krissy out of that cult as soon as possible. So, Sam is going to let Shiloh Archer believe that she and Jason are over. They need be convincing so they spread the word. They tell friends and family they have no future and decided to call it quits. However, this is only in public. Behind closed doors, JaSam is still madly in love. However, Valentine’s Day is approaching and General Hospital spoilers suggest they may not be able to spend it together.

GH Spoilers: Sam Gets Close To Shiloh Archer

General Hospital spoilers say that Sam McCall will slowly try to get closer to Shiloh Archer. She will pretend to need guidance and direction and eventually let him induct her as a member of DoD. This will give her the opportunity to get inside the cult and possibly get information on Shiloh from other cultees.

Sam may find herself spending Valentine’s Day with Shiloh rather than the love of her life, Jason Morgan. Certainly, Sam won’t have special V-day plans if she’s single. So, this might give Shiloh Archer and Sam the chance to get a little closer.

Knowing Shiloh, he probably has some community service project planned for February 14. This could be the perfect bonding opportunity for her and Shiloh. Although, she had better be careful because she may step on Kristina’s toes. It’s no secret that Kristina thinks the world of Shiloh. She might not like it if he and Sam get too chummy.

Jason And Sam Sneak Around On General Hospital

GH spoilers promise that she and Jason plan to sneak away and have some alone time as much as they can. The last thing they want is to be apart but desperate times call for desperate measures. Family is everything to Sam and she is very worried about her sister Kristina Corinthos.

Certainly, JaSam wants time to themselves but they better be very cautious. General Hospital spoilers hint that Jasam will try to get a moment together and wind up in a dangerous situation. But who is it that targets them – Shiloh Archer or someone else?

Is Shiloh a Danger to Sam?

No one knows anything about Shiloh Archer and there’s no telling what lengths he’ll go to on General Hospital. He’s a master manipulator with a military background so he could be extremely dangerous. No doubt, if Shiloh suspects that he’s being played, he’ll retaliate.

How long will Jason and Sam have to hide their love for each other? After spending six years apart it won’t be easy. Watch ABC weekdays to follow along with JaSam as they head their love. And to see what Shiloh Archer has in store for Sam McCall and her family on GH.

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