‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Grows Jealous Over Sam and Shiloh?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) grows jealous, possibly over the budding relationship between Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Kristina adores Shiloh and doesn’t want Sam’s negative perspectives about him to seep into her life. Now that Sam tries to get close to Shiloh, how will her little sister react?

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Corinthos Grows Jealous

All Kristina has wanted for the last few weeks on GH is for her family to give Shiloh a chance. As her mother Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) heads to one of the “cult” seminars and seems to open up, that may make Kristina happy. At least her mom is trying. Sam, on the other hand, is an entirely different issue.

General Hospital spoilers show that Kristina Corinthos is well aware of Shiloh and her sister’s past, but she doesn’t seem fazed by it at all. Whereas Sam McCall  feels like the guy could be using her little sister to get back at her, Kristina seems to just be embracing Dawn of Day and everyone who calls themselves a member. And that includes embracing Shiloh, who she seems to just basically adore.

Now, it looks like she gets jealous of Sam and Shiloh’s budding relationship. As Sam tries to get to know him more, Kristina Corinthos can only watch as they bond. Just what will she do once she’s envious and sees how close Shiloh and her sister have gotten on General Hospital?

GH Spoilers: Sam McCall Searches for the Truth About Shiloh

The only reason Sam even decides to get friendly with Shiloh is because she’s searching for the truth. The guy has way too many connections to citizens in Port Charles for her liking. Plus, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) also got a weird vibe from the guy, and these two are always pretty spot on with their gut instincts.

After a little searching, Sam McCall discovered that his real name was Henry “Hank” Archer. Back in the day, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) saved his life while he was in Afghanistan. Shiloh did run into Drew on on General Hospital. However, she obviously didn’t remember Shiloh, so he wasn’t really any help to Sam or Jason.

Then, Sam found out the cult leader is the son of an older man that she swindled into marrying her, only to then take all of his money when she was younger and a full-fledged con artist. Sam now wants to start up some type of a relationship to learn just what Shiloh is in town for. Will she finally learn the truth about this mystery man?

General Hospital: Sam and Jason Keep Relationship on Downlow

According to recent GH spoilers, the newly reunited couple decides to keep their relationship a secret as she tries to get closer to Shiloh. This comes at a time when the two are finally in a good place with each other. In fact, they may be in the best place they’ve ever been in since Jason has returned!

Her goal is to make Shiloh believe that she needs some help and direction now that she has decided to rid Jason of her life. After all, Dawn of Day encourages helping others rid themselves of past demons. Alexis thought of her past on General Hospital with Julian Jerome (William deVry) when she went to one of the DoD seminars.

As Sam and Shiloh potentially grow closer, Kristina Corinthos becomes incredibly jealous. This obviously isn’t going to be great for the sisters’ relationship. But it could also possibly ruin Sam and Jason’s whole plan. Will Sam McCall be able to diffuse the situation before it becomes too dangerous? You can watch GH weekdays on ABC.

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