‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Goes Down For Shiloh’s Murder – Sketchy Nurse a Dawn of Day Acolyte

General Hospital spoilers say Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) may go down for the murder of Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). That’s because of one loyal DoD dawnie that wants revenge. Of course, Sam’s reason for shooting Shiloh was to save Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). No doubt, Shiloh’s plan was to kill Stone Cold. So, Sam did what she had to do. However, this nurse, Sherri Anderson (Jerin Forgie), seems to dislike Sam. Later, she pays commissioner Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) a visit. Then, Jordan has some more questions for her. Certainly, things are not looking good for Sam on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Goes Down

GH spoilers know Shiloh Archer is finally (seemingly) dead. Remember, he held Sam McCall hostage on the Haunted Star with plans of fleeing to Canada. Then, Jason Morgan came to her rescue just as things were about to get bad. However, it didn’t end there because Shiloh was wearing a bulletproof police vest. Then, he creeped up on Stone Cold on deck and the two men struggled to take each other out.

Eventually, Jason wound up cornered and Shiloh Archer was about to finish him off. So, Sam McCall intervened. She fired a flare gun that shot Shiloh in the back. Then, he fell overboard and their troubles finally seemed to be over. Although, they may be just beginning. Clearly, it was self-defense. However, someone is bent on Sam McCall going down for killing Shiloh Archer, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: DoD Dawnie Goes After Sam McCall

General Hospital spoilers remind there is a nurse on staff, Sherri Anderson, that seems to be one of the few followers DoD has left. Remember, a while back she was seen eavesdropping on a conversation about Shiloh. Certainly, she didn’t like the negative remarks she was hearing about him. Also, it was clear she was up to something. Now, the shady nurse is back and clearly is not a fan of Sam McCall.

Remember, when Sam asked a question about Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), Sherri bit Sam’s head off. Then, she flashed back to when she was treating Sam for the cut on her arm. The sketchy nurse overheard her telling Jason that she shot Shiloh so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. So, the nurse took off to the PCPD and now commissioner Ashford has additional questions for Sam McCall about her motive for shooting Shiloh Archer, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Will Shiloh Archer Taunt Sam McCall From The Grave? General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers hint Shiloh Archer’s reach seems to extend beyond death and he may get the last laugh on Sam McCall. Remember, he blames her for ruining his life by conning his father out of millions including his inheritance. Surely, he held a grudge all those years even though he claimed not to. Additionally, he hated his father so much he cut the brake lines in his car causing his death. So, it seems Shiloh was always a devious and entitled killer. Surely, when he lost out on his father’s money he turned to manipulating people.

Remember, he made them fork over their cash and do his dirty deeds for him. Clearly, that’s still the case as Nurse Sherri Anderson seems intent on making sure Sam pays for his death. However, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) is on the case and trying to help exonerate his dear friend. Plus, there’s no way Jason Morgan is going to let Sam pay the price for killing him. Keep watching ABC daytime and see if Sam McCall will go down for the death of shady Shiloh Archer on GH.

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