‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Kidney Needed – Kevin, Finn, and Curtis Plot

General Hospital spoilers confirm Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is the only thing that can save Jordan Ashford’s (Briana Henry) life. It looks like Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), Kevin Collins, and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) scheme to make sure that the serial killer hands over his vital organ. Recently, Curtis demanded Ryan consent to donate because he saved his life from Ava Jerome (Maura West). However, the psycho won’t agree unless there’s something good in it for him.

Of course, no one wants to see Ryan set free or get a deal. He needs to finally pay for his crimes. So, the good guys will do whatever it takes on ABC’s GH to get that kidney. And this is the case where the ends justify the means so they will play dirty with Ryan to get the organ. Here’s what comes this week in this life and death storyline.

General Hospital Spoilers: Fight To Save Jordan Gets Dirty

GH spoilers know Jordan Ashford is the love of Curtis Ashford’s life. Certainly, he is not going to sit idly by as her health rapidly goes downhill. He is going to fight with everything he’s got to save her. Similarly, Finn and Kevin are intent on making sure they save the police commissioner. She’s the only reason Curtis stopped Ava from shooting and killing Ryan Chamberlain on the spot.

Of course, at the last minute, Ava stuck a butcher knife into his back. Thankfully, Ryan made it out of surgery okay. However, getting him to donate his kidney to the police commissioner is easier said than done. So, Curtis may need to take a different approach to retrieve his kidney say General Hospital spoilers. And he needs an assist from some other men who care about the commish.

GH Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Is Jordan’s Only Hope For Survival

General Hospital spoilers recall Kevin Collins is a perfect match for Jordan Ashford. Certainly, he jumped at the chance to save her life. Mostly, because he is a good person with a big heart. Although, he also hoped to somehow make amends for unleashing Ryan on society. Unfortunately, his time spent in Ferncliff took a toll on his body making him pre-diabetic.

So, Kevin is no longer a candidate to donate his kidney to Jordan. Of course, if Kevin is a match then so is Ryan. Certainly, with Jordan’s time almost up Ryan seems to be the only one who can save her say GH spoilers. And right now, Ryan is being a jerk – everyone knows he doesn’t care about other people’s lives. So, there’s little hope to convince him to do the right thing and Jordan’s time is running out fast.

Curtis, Kevin, and Finn Devise A Plan – General Hospital Spoilers

On GH, Finn is desperate to save his patient, so he shouldn’t be too hard to draw into a scheme. Kevin knows his brother and how he thinks. Plus, Curtis is desperate. So, this leads the three men to scheme to convince Ryan Chamberlain to give up one of his organ. Spoilers report Kevin pulls a fast one on June 4. Here’s what happens. He and Finn cooked this up with Curtis.

Kevin reportedly injects his brother with something that convinces him that he’s dying. Finn and a nurse rush in to “save” Ryan Chamberlain from certain death. But now, Ryan knows he’s at risk in the hospital. Then, General Hospital spoilers report Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) is drawn into the plot and moves in as the final player to convince Ryan to give up the goods.

Stella Plays Trump Card in Race Against Time with Ryan Chamberlain

General Hospital spoilers promise after Kevin injects Ryan and Finn saves him, Stella convinces the killer to make the donation. Ryan Chamberlain hurt so many people in Port Charles that he’s a sitting duck for another attempt on his life. But if he donates his kidney, that could convince the person trying to kill him to back off. Of course, it’s his own brother plotting against him along with Curtis and Kevin.

GH spoilers say that the team of plotters realize they have to make this about saving Ryan Chamberlain’s life, not Jordan’s. Ryan doesn’t care about her, but he does care about saving his own skin. Jail or Ferncliff is better than dead. So, if donating one kidney to Jordan can get him safely into custody rather than vulnerable in the hospital, he’ll have to do it. The plot works, Ryan Chamberlain gives up the kidney, and Jordan is saved. Watch GH on ABC to see this play out next week.

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