‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina and Dante Out – Valentin and Lulu Console Each Other?

General Hospital spoilers promise Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) escapes Port Charles soon – right after Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). That leaves Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) at loose ends. They may soon be consoling each other and could lead to the long-hinted romance for the co-parents on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves Betrayed – Dumps Valentin Cassadine?

The fake daughter lie is a ticking time bomb on GH. Spoilers hint it will come out soon. With Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) itching to come clean, it’s only a matter of time. Plus Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Peter August (Wes Ramsey) are hot on his lying trail too. Once it all comes out, you can bet the wedding will be off and she’ll kick Valentin all the way back to the curb at Spoon Island.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Valentin Cassadine is pushing for a fast wedding. It seems he thinks he can outrun his dishonesty. But even if he gets a ring back on her finger, she will boot him once she finds out that he lied, no matter how good Valentin’s intentions were. There’s always the chance that GH could recast Nina Reeves, but even so, Valentin Cassadine will be dumped hard. That will leave him sad and vulnerable on .

GH Spoilers: Lulu Spencer Crushed After Dante Falconeri Splits

Also on General Hospital, spoilers show Lulu Spencer is heartbroken after Dante Falconeri bails. As we previously reported, Dom Z was only back for a short arc for Dante to cut Lulu loose so she could move on with her life. Some speculated that Lulu Spencer might love triangle with Maxie and Peter, but that seems a long shot. Maxie deserves a solid romance of her own after the tragedy of losing her hubby.

But on GH, Dante made clear to Lulu Spencer that he might not be back and firm that she should not wait for him. That was the writers clearing a path for a new future for Lulu as a single mom without him. She loved Dante a long time, so this is a crushing life change. Lulu Spencer is devastated and since she’s co-parenting with Valentin Cassadine, he’ll know ASAP that she got dumped.

General Hospital: Charlotte Cassadine Pulls a Parent Trap?

Although GH spoilers prove Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) likes step-dad Dante, she adores her Papa and Nina. With both Lulu and Valentin dumped, the precocious kid won’t like to see her parents sad. The obvious solution is to push them together. This clever girl pulling a parent trap scenario as matchmaker to Lulu Spencer and Valentin Cassadine would be easily done.

But there’s always the chance JPS could exit General Hospital as Valentin when Nina Reeves goes. The actor said before that he likes to work on projects for a while, then flip to something new to keep himself challenged. So, it could be that he’ll follow his scene partner Michelle out the door. But if he sticks around, a Lulu-Valentin pairing is something that some fans are already shipping. Stay tuned to the ABC soap for more.

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