‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who Blows Up Nina-Valentin Wedding With Sasha Truth Bomb?

General Hospital spoilers wonder who will blow up Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and Valentin Cassadine‘s (James Patrick Stuart) wedding with the truth about Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Lately, more and more people are finding out about Sasha and Valentin’s plot. Remember, Sasha let Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) in on it because she can’t bear to lie to him anymore.

Now, Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) knows the truth. Plus, spoilers suggest she may share it with Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) seeking advice. So, there’s a good chance someone will let the cat out of the bag during Nina and Valentin Cassadine’s wedding on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Gilmore’s Destructive Secret With Valentin Cassadine

GH spoilers recall Sasha Gilmore and Valentin Cassadine are hiding a whopping secret from Nina Reeves. Remember, Nina left Valentin after getting sick of his lies. Of course, he will do anything to be with Nina. So, he got Sasha to pretend to be Nina’s daughter. That way, he could give her the one thing she wants most in the world which is a child. Then, she would take him back.

Well, it certainly worked as they plan to be husband and wife again. However, Valentin Cassadine’s plan went awry when Sasha decided to stay in Port Charles. Additionally, it got worse when Sasha Gilmore decided she can’t keep this lie anymore because she genuinely loves Nina Reeves and wants to tell her the truth. Besides that, people are beginning to discover their secret left and right. So, it may be out of their control now, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Sasha Gilmore & Valentin Cassadine’s Secret Gets Around

General Hospital spoilers promise the secret Sasha Gilmore’s keeping with Valentin Cassadine is slowly coming to light. First, Liesl Obrecht put it all together and figured out Sasha is not Nina’s biological daughter. Of course, she has been holding over Valentin’s head for months. However, now she believes it is in Nina Reeves’ best interest if she never finds out the truth. Surely, she loves her niece and doesn’t wasn’t to see her heartbroken on GH. 

So, she is trying to convince Sasha to keep quiet and leave things as they are. But, living a lie is consuming her and she feels horrible for lying to Michael Corinthos who she is falling for. Recently, she came clean to him making him angry at first. But now he understands why she went along with this scheme and how much she cares for Nina Reeves. Now, Valentin Cassadine and faker Sasha Gilmore face a new problem although they may not know it. Recently, Lulu Spencer overheard Liesl trying to convince Sasha to keep the secret indefinitely.

Now, she knows Sasha is not Nina’s child. Of course, Lulu is floored and will struggle with what she should do on the matter. Additionally, spoilers suggest Lulu may tell her new guy Dustin Phillips in hopes of getting some advice on the situation. So, now several people know about Valentin Cassadine’s lie with Sasha and hold their fate in their hands. Certainly, when too many people know a secret the greater the chance it will get out, say GH spoilers.

Who Will Be The One To Spill The Beans to Nina Reeves On General Hospital?

GH spoilers predict someone will flip Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine’s wedding upside down by blurting out the shocking truth. Especially, because spoilers for Friday, October 11 say Nina is thrown for a loop. Surely, Sasha Gilmore is trying to wait until after the trial of Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) to fess up to Nina. Remember, Sasha Gilmore needs to testify against Cassandra and such a huge lie may question her integrity.

So, Michael Corinthos is convincing her to wait. However, that is easier said than done because Sasha’s emotions are taking over. So, she could very well be the one to announce the truth during the ceremony. No doubt, she wants Nina Reeves to know about the awful lie Valentin told her before marrying him again. Additionally, there is Lulu Spencer who just found out about the lie Sasha is telling. Certainly, Lulu is all about doing the right thing and may blab to Nina Reeves.

However, Nina is so in love with Valentin it’s a slim chance she will believe her. Plus, the consequences she will face from Valentin and Liesl Obrecht will be severe. So, it’s a tough choice but in the end, Lulu might make the right call. Don’t miss a moment of GH on ABC daytime to see who drops the bomb on Nina Reeves that Sasha Gilmore is a fake hired by Valentin Cassadine.

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