‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Heals Elizabeth’s Broken Heart?

General Hospital spoilers hint Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) may help Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) heal from losing Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). No doubt, Liz is in turmoil over losing Franco to Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) memories. However, when she discovers Nik is alive, it will turn her world upside down.

Remember, Nikolas and Liz have a lot of history, both good and bad, and he has been there for her many times over the years. No doubt, she will lean on him once she knows he’s alive. And if Franco doesn’t come back to her, Elizabeth and Nikolas Cassadine may get another chance at love on ABC daytime. Is GH sidelining Friz?

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Webber Heartbroken

GH spoilers know Elizabeth Webber’s grief-stricken over losing Franco Baldwin. No doubt, she is fighting as hard as she knows how to but things just keep getting worse. Now, Dranco says he’s taking off with Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) and Liz is beside herself. Although, Friz fans will be in an uproar if Franco doesn’t return. But, it could open the door for an Elizabeth and Nikolas Cassadine reunion.

Of course, Liz will be ecstatic to know Nikolas Cassadine’s alive and back in her life on General Hospital. Although they’ve had tough times in the past they always had a connection and were close. No doubt, Nikolas would support Elizabeth Webber as soon as he can show his face in Port Charles. So, their friendship should pick up where it left off. And with Franco gone, they can explore their feelings, tease General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Nikolas Returns – Helps Elizabeth Pick Up The Pieces

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Nikolas Cassadine will help Elizabeth Webber through this terrible time in her life. Surely, Liz always turned to him in the past. Now, he’s back and may be just what she needs. So, this Friz split could pave the way for Elizabeth and Nikolas to be together. Then, if Franco finds his way back, we could see a love triangle with Liz-Nik-Franco. Certainly, that would be a soapy twist.

By then, Liz may be in so deep with Nikolas, she would be torn between the two men not knowing what to do. Of course, right now, she’s still deeply in love with Franco and can’t imagine life with anyone else. However, Elizabeth Webber never counted on Nikolas coming back from the dead and time heals all wounds. So, it’s a good possibility that Nikolas Cassadine could mend her broken heart, hint General Hospital spoilers.

The History Of Liz And Nik On General Hospital

GH spoilers recall Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber knew each other for a long time. Of course, Liz was with Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), at first. Surely, Nik and Liz were always good friends. But, Nikolas had feelings for her he kept hidden. Eventually, they gave in to their feelings and had an affair. Of course, Lucky was furious at the betrayal and wanted nothing to do with either one of them.

Additionally, on General Hospital, Elizabeth Webber got pregnant and thought Nikolas Cassadine was the father. Then, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) tampered with the paternity test. Eventually, it came out Lucky’s Aiden Spencer’s (Jason David) father, not Nik. Certainly, Nikolas was devastated about this and kidnapped the kid. In the end, he brought Aiden home to Lucky and Liz and left town.

Now, Nikolas is back and it might be a chance for a fresh start with Elizabeth. Keep watching ABC weekdays to see if Nikolas Cassadine and his ex Elizabeth Webber renew their love on GH.

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