‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Can Liz Ever Forgive Kim For Stealing Franco?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) will be able to forgive Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) for sleeping with her husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) given her mental state. No doubt, Kim seems to be off her rocker lately. Not only did she just lose her son but she’s been denying her true feelings for Drew Cain (Billy Miller) since she first hit town. Clearly, she’ll take Drew any way she can get him – even if he’s in someone else’s body. However, she just lost a good friend in the process. Unless Elizabeth can find it in her heart to forgive Kim because she’s clearly losing her mind on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Can’t Let Go Of Her History With Drew

GH spoilers know Kim Nero can’t get past her one true love, Drew Cain. Remember, she first came to Port Charles so teenage son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) could get to know his family. Then, she ran into Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) whom she thought was Drew. Certainly, she was stunned to see him. However, she was even more shocked to learn Drew is Jason’s twin brother and her ex-lover now has a different face. Eventually, it came out that Drew is Oscar’s father. And, even though Kim and Drew weren’t together, they still grew into a family. but they didn’t have long together. And back then, Elizabeth felt sorry for her.

Also, Kim Nero began a relationship with Julian Jerome (William deVry). However, her feelings for Drew were always lying there just beneath the surface ready to come out at any time. Remember, they even kissed on New Year’s Eve. Then, after losing Oscar, Kim began to spiral downward. She convinced herself the only way to lessen her grief was to have another baby with Drew. Certainly, that was just the beginning of Kim’s string of bad decisions, say General Hospital spoilers. And now, she’s out of control and this whole “Dranco” situation isn’t helping her at all. And Elizabeth Webber’s losing patience.

GH Spoilers: Kim Nero’s Sanity Going Downhill

General Hospital spoilers suggest Kim Nero has some serious issues. Of course, she is deep in grief from losing her son. However, her loss is not the only reason she’s crossing over into insanity. No doubt, finding Drew Cain after all these years only to discover he doesn’t remember her took a toll. Surely, she tried to push it down as much as possible but the love was always there. Even with Drew having the new face of Billy Miller that didn’t stop her from having feelings for him. But he didn’t reciprocate them.

Certainly, no matter how much she denied it, she always wanted Drew. Then, when Oscar passed away, all rationality went out the door. GH spoilers recall she pleaded with Drew to make a new Oscar with her an restart their family. Of course, Drew said no. So, instead of accepting it, she drugged him and almost raped him. Clearly, that was a sign that Kim Nero’s losing her grip. Now, Drew has a new face all over again but that’s not stopping her. Certainly, she wants Drew any way she can get him on General Hospital even if she takes Elizabeth Webber’s husband and stepfather to her kids.

So, hearing all the details of their relationship coming out of Franco Baldwin’s mouth was the last straw. Now, the Drew who remembers loving her is back and that’s all she can see. Recently, her emotions took over and she slept with Dranco. Then, she packed her bags and was ready to take off with him because in her mind she has the love of her life back. But, in reality, he is Elizabeth Webber’s husband. No wonder Elizabeth lost her composure and slapped her when she learned they were intimate, says GH spoilers.

Will Elizabeth Webber Forgive Kim For Sleeping With Franco Baldwin? General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers promise Kim Nero betrayed Elizabeth Webber in the worst way – she slept with her husband Franco Baldwin. Of course, he isn’t in his right mind so he doesn’t think he’s Liz’s husband. According to him, he doesn’t even know her. However, Kim knows exactly what’s going on and should have done the right thing. Of course, Dranco is in love with her because he has Drew’s memories.

However, Kim knows better and should have stayed away from him. Certainly, Elizabeth Webber blames her entirely. So, it’s doubtful she will she take into account that she is confused and weakened from loss. No doubt, things have been a constant whirlwind since Kim got to town and she is starting to crack. But, with the way Kim Nero is acting, Elizabeth may not see her fragile state of mind as an excuse. Clearly, that friendship seems to be dead.

Certainly, Kim knows right from wrong and chose to take another woman’s husband to bed. Additionally, she claims Drew wants her and Elizabeth is the one who needs to get a grip. She truly believes Franco is Drew and chose her over Liz. No doubt, Elizabeth is more determined than ever to restore Franco’s memories as she has him hauled off to Shadybrook. Don’t miss a moment of GH on ABC weekdays to see if Elizabeth Webber will ever get past Kim Nero’s betrayal.

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