General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Implanted Ryan’s Memories To Understand Evil Twin?

General Hospital spoilers tease Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) may have put some of his evil twin Ryan Chamberlain‘s (also Jon Lindstrom) memories into his mind. GH spoilers recall many years ago Kevin had a psychotic break where he thought that he was Ryan. Back then, he attacked Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner). However, recent events show that Arthur Cabot conducted an experiment on identical twins that might be to blame.

Cabot wanted to transfer the memories of one twin into the other. Viewers know Kevin Collins was part of the study. At the same time, he had Ryan Chamberlain captive in Ferncliff. So, new GH spoilers hint Kevin may have been trying to cure his brother’s psychosis by tampering with both their memories. Is this what caused Doc to go nuts back in the day on GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Did Kevin Collins Implant Psycho Ryan’s Memories?

General Hospital spoilers suggest Kevin Collins may have tinkered with Ryan Chamberlain’s memories to better understand how his brother’s mind works and to try and heal him. So, he may have thought that if he could get inside his twin’s mind, he could figure out how he thinks.

More importantly, he’d want to what find out what causes him to kill so he could fix him. Additionally, Kevin may have also put some of his sane memories into Ryan’s head to counteract his psychotic thoughts. There are lots of possibilities here given how long Kevin held his brother in captivity.

GH Spoilers: Did Kevin Give Ryan Chamberlain Any Of His Memories?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Ryan Chamberlain wound up with some of his good brother’s memories. As of now, it doesn’t seem like the serial killer has any memories of Kevin’s past. He has been pretending to be his brother for months now and fans haven’t seen any indication that he is remembering any aspects of Kevin’s life. In fact, he has to ask for reminders all the time.

However, it would make perfect sense if he tried to balance out Ryan Chamberlain’s evil thoughts with some of his rational ones. Kevin has been keeping him locked up for 25 years trying to figure out a way to cure him of his homicidal tendencies. So, maybe there’s a chance that some of his decent memories will surface in Ryan’s mind and curb his disturbing behavior.

Kevin Broke Down Thinking He Was Ryan Chamberlain

General Hospital spoilers recall that Kevin Collins had an episode in the past where he thought he was Ryan and went after Felicia Jones. However, it may not have been a breakdown but a reaction to Ryan’s memories. He could have had Ryan’s memories planted into his mind to better understand him. That seems probable. Doc might think understanding Kevin could help cure him.

But then he might have lost control because Ryan’s awful murderous memories took control of him for a while. It would be an interesting way for the GH writers to tie a current storyline back to history. They’ve done that lately with several plots, and this twin twist may be yet another. It would explain Kevin’s breakdown back in the 90s for sure.

GH: Does Kevin Collins Still Have Ryan Chamberlain’s Memories?

General Hospital spoilers can’t help but wonder what could happen if this is true. They may be some residual psycho memories still lurking in the corners of Kevin’s mind. It would no doubt infuriate Ryan to know that his brother possesses some part of his treasured memories about his kills from the past.

Clearly, there are glitches and side effects of this twin memory experiment. So, who’s to say Ryan’s sadistic memories are gone for good? Stay tuned to ABC weekdays to follow Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain’s story and see whose memories belong to whom.

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