General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mac and Felicia Bring Down Psychopath Ryan Chamberlain?

General Hospital spoilers hint Mac Scorpio (John J York) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) have a serial killer theory. It more than likely relates to Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). After all, the duo was very involved with Ryan’s storyline back in the ’90s, as he was obsessed with Felicia. Could the couple manage to bring about Ryan’s downfall, helping bring this story full circle?

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Scorpio & Mac Scorpio Have an Idea

Ever since Ryan escaped from Ferncliff and pretended to be his brother Kevin Collins (also Jon Lindstrom), he killed more than a few people. Whether it was trying to impress Ava Jerome (Maura West) or covering his tracks, Ryan has no qualms about killing.

However, things may come to an end for Ryan as he eventually gets caught. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Mac and Felicia Scorpio began to craft a theory. Of course, longtime viewers remember that Felicia was Ryan’s first obsession all those years ago. Now, that role has been filled by Ava.

If Mac Scorpio and his wife Felicia realize that something is amiss, they could realize that “Kevin” is up to something. After all, Mac already knows that the serial killer has taken drivers’ licenses, much like Ryan did. Could Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) arrest finally make the duo realize that something is wrong?

GH Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Framing Franco Fails

As General Hospital viewers know, Ryan is framing Franco for all the murders he committed. All Ryan wants to do is walk free out of Port Charles with Ava at his side. However, things could fall apart for him at any moment.

One of the only real pieces of evidence the police have against Franco is Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) statement. Ryan hypnotized her to believe Franco attacked her. However, previous spoilers say Lulu begins to feel that something is amiss, so her real memories could return.

Mac and Felicia Scorpio’s curiosity could pique when the discover Franco was arrested. Or, something else could happen that make them wonder a bit more about the serial killer. After all, Mac already knows that the killer took the licenses, much as Ryan did. So, what tips the duo off?

General Hospital: Time’s Up For Ryan?

More and more people have begun to question Ryan, for a variety of reasons. Franco doesn’t understand why “Kevin” would lie to the police about him in his shrink reports. In turn, this realization makes Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) wonder what Kevin, aka Ryan, is up to.

As previous General Hospital spoilers showed, Laura becomes suspicious of Kevin. She doesn’t understand why he has changed so drastically. This could potentially lead to her discovering some version of the truth.

Obviously, it looks like Mac Scorpio and Felicia Scorpio join this storyline in some way. As they question everything, they could help others realize that Kevin, or Ryan, is to blame. If this does happen, then it would round out the whole Ryan story.

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