‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Vows to Protect Willow – Keeps Shiloh At Bay

General Hospital spoilers say Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) vows to protect Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). Because Willow is terrified now that she knows Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Dawn of Day are in Port Charles. Eventually, spoilers show Willow truly feels safe — and it looks like she has Chase to thank for that.

General Hospital Spoilers: Harrison Chase Stands By Willow Tait

Once Harrison Chase learned the stunning secrets Willow Tait was keeping, he knew he had to help her. That protective instinct grows as he vows to protect his girlfriend. He wants to keep her in town and in his life, say GH spoilers.

So, he tells Willow he’ll make sure Shiloh Archer and the DoD cult don’t get their hands on her. Words are not enough – he must prove he’s serious. However, General Hospital spoilers confirm Willow finally feels secure — no doubt because of Chase. Soon, the cop confronts Shiloh and warns him off.

Chase is the only one who knows the whole truth of her past with Shiloh, Dawn of Day, and the baby she put up for adoption. As GH spoilers reveal she feels more comfortable in the future, it looks like Chase and Willow’s connection grows.

GH Spoilers: Willow Haunted by Past With Shiloh

Obviously, Willow Tait has a long road ahead of her on General Hospital as she struggles knowing Shiloh is nearby. When she first learned DoD infiltrated Port Chuck, she freaked out. Her instinct was to run away fast.

However, before she could go, Shiloh came creeping. This led her to confess all to Harrison Chase. Now that Detactive Chase knows everything, he will stay by her side and protect her, no matter what.

Willow is horrified over her past in the cult and worried that Shiloh will learn about her pregnancy. He had no idea she left pregnant with his baby. She desperately hopes that he doesn’t find out and may stick around to shield the child.

General Hospital: Willow Relies on Chase

The GH baby swap storyline was already complex. Now, with Willow Tait’s confession about her baby daddy, things are more convoluted. Of course, she doesn’t know that her baby died and Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) has Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) son.

Now more than ever, Willow needs Harrison Chase by her side on General Hospital. Spoilers show Chase is committed to her and wants to protect her and keep her by his side. So Shiloh better be on guard.

Once the baby truth comes out, she’ll need Chase even more. The truth could spill at any moment. So, it remains to be seen if Harrison Chase can help Willow Tait hold it together once she’s devastated

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