‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Confronts Shiloh – Willow Warning Triggers Baby Reveal?

General Hospital spoilers confirm Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) warns Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) as he tries to protect Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). Now that Chase knows the truth about Willow and Shiloh, he wants to help his terrified girlfriend. However, Chase’s warning could clue Shiloh in that there’s more than meets the eye on the ABC soap – leading to the baby reveal.

General Hospital Spoilers: Harrison Chase Puts Shiloh Archer On Notice

Things escalate quickly as Harrison Chase tries to help Willow Tait on GH. After learning that Shiloh Archer is the father to Willow’s baby, Chase also discovered about her time in Dawn of Day, which she (and others) calls a cult. She opened up to Chase about her time there and how she had to flee to the group when she got pregnant.

Now, Harrison Chase realizes he needs to protect his girlfriend, as he doesn’t want her to flee town, as is her plan on General Hospital. Spoilers say he confronts Shiloh. This may take Shiloh by surprise, which could end badly.

After all, if Shiloh begins to look into why Detective Chase is so protective of Willow, he might start looking at Willow’s past. The cult leader has a lot of resources and might find out about the baby and adoption. So, Harrison should be careful with Shiloh.

GH Spoilers: Willow Tait Wants to Ditch Port Chuck

At the moment, Willow Tait wants to leave Port Charles on General Hospital. When she first overheard that Dawn of Day and Shiloh Archer were in town, she freaked. In fact, right after that, she broke her apartment lease and made plans to pack and go.

She even went as far as to quit her job, as she knows staying puts the baby at risk. However, now Shiloh Archer knows about Willow. What he doesn’t yet know is that she was pregnant with his son. So, this situation is a ticking time bomb.

The only thing truly holding Willow in town is Harrison Chase. The duo is closer than ever and she recently told him about putting her baby up for adoption and why she had to hide the child from the cult. So now, the hunky GH detective takes on Shiloh.

General Hospital: Baby Drama More Complex

This Willow Tait-Dawn of Day reveal complicated the baby adoption storyline instantly on GH. It was already messy enough with the baby swap and now there’s a cult involved. Plus, it weaves so many characters into it, it can all unravel soon.

Still, Willow doesn’t know that her baby died on General Hospital. She believes her child is healthy and living with Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and his husband. In reality, the shady lab tech has Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) kid.

Very few people know this truth aside from Brad. Once the truth outs, many lives will fall apart, including the teacher’s. As Harrison Chase strives to help Willow Tait, his warning to Shiloh Archer could be the catalyst to explode this reveal.

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