‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Does Sam Deserve Jail – Past Crimes Back To Haunt?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if karma is back to bite Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and send her to prison for her past crimes. No doubt, Sam’s past is full of skeletons and sketchy choices. She’s been on the straight and narrow for a while, though.

Now, she’s being set up to take the fall for a murder that was in self-defense. However, Sam’s past life choices of frauding and scamming might catch up with her. Maybe, she will finally pay for everything she got away with over the years on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall Going Down?

GH spoilers know Shiloh Archer’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) killing was definitely self-defense. Remember, he was about to kill Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Then, Sam shot him with a flare gun. Still, some die-hard Dawnies want to punish Sam for their leader’s death. Clearly, Daisy Kwan (Kelsey Wang) and Sherri Anderson (Jerin Forgie) are on a mission to take her down.

Remember, Sherri’s story is that she overheard Sam tell Jason she killed Shiloh so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. Then, Daisy offered a recording of Sam saying she’d end Shiloh. Of course, it’s bogus. Then, Bryce Henderson (Brian Gross) threatened Peter August (Wes Ramsey). So, Peter used Sam McCall as a fall-guy, recall General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Peter August The Source Of Sam’s Misery

General Hospital spoilers promise Peter’s framing Sam McCall for Shiloh’s escape and murder. Of course, it’s Peter that promised to get Shiloh out of prison. Remember, Shiloh knew Peter’s dark secret about his connection to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). So, unless Peter set him free, he’d blab the ugly truth. So, Peter promised to help then ordered Bryce to kill him.

Surely, the plan was to get rid of the problem for good. However, Shiloh figured it out and escaped. Then, blackmailed Peter for cash. Then everything blew up in Peter’s face, but he was able to think on his feet. Certainly, Sam McCall was the prime suspect. So, Peter ensured those charges would stick, promise General Hospital spoilers. Now, she’s in a frame-up and in prison.

Sam McCall Pays For Past Crimes? General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers say Sam McCall’s never been the kind of girl that respects the law. Even now as a solid citizen, she breaks and enters, picks locks, and gets shady. But, many years ago, she was a hardened con artist who scammed older men. Of course, she needed the cash to care for her special-needs brother Danny. But still, Sam was a criminal who defrauded tons of men.

Since then, she came to Port Charles making trouble, remind General Hospital spoilers. And she’s covered crimes for seasoned criminals Jason and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) for years. So, she willingly participated in countless criminal activities. Of course, the ABC soap always tries to glamorize and justify the crimes of these legacy characters. But in the end, they’re criminals, too.

So, while Sam McCall’s not guilty of this particular crime. However, she is certainly guilty of many others and it might be time to pay up. What do you think of Sam McCall being sent to Pentonville and charged for her dirty deeds from back in the day? Keep watching GH to see what happens next.

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