‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chloe Lanier Taped Last Scenes – Nelle Fate Revealed

General Hospital spoilers show it’s the endgame for Nelle Benson as Chloe Lanier filmed her last scenes. Nelle hopes to leave Port Charles as a rich widow. This aligns with sources on Twitter that report Miss Lanier taped her last episode this past Monday. That means it’s the countdown to Nelle’s fate revealed with three to four weeks left on the show.

Nelle Benson’s General Hospital reign of terror ends in August

The latest GH spoilers indicate Nelle’s reign of terror will come to an end sometime in mid-August. General Hospital fans have waited a long time to see Nelle’s demise and viewers are hoping for a spectacular ending. Nelle asked detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) to stage some sort of accident.

Nelle wants her new husband, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) to die and leave her wealthy. The latest spoilers from Soaps in Depth and a recent ABC General Hospital spoilers promo shows Nelle and Michael involved in a car accident. Could this be part of the plan or a strange coincidence?


Car crash then more to come

Given that General Hospital loves to put out videos that mislead fans or get their hopes up, it seems unlikely either Michael or Nelle will die in the car crash. Don’t forget Chloe Lanier has three to four more weeks of scene work taped at this time. Plus, GH writers would not have another Corinthos son kick the bucket.

That leads us to wonder where GH will take Michael’s romantic life. Michael will survive the Nelle nightmare from hell and will need comforting after all that. Plus, there’s still the fate of his baby to consider. It seems unlikely Nelle will escape her fate and if she does, fans will rage if she ran off with Michael’s baby.

Michael Corinthos’s next GH love interest?

Several months ago, it seemed Michael and the new nurse Francesca Cavallo (Celesta DeAstis) were headed for romance until Nelle interfered. But with Nelle leaving soon – in handcuffs or a body bag – Michael could get another chance with the pretty young nurse. Francesca could be the one to comfort Micahel through his pain.

Currently, Francesca is involved with Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) sexual harassment lawsuit. Francesca seems to be sticking around now that she’s involved in this plot, too. This might signal she’ll move front and center. Michael needs a shoulder to cry on and a new lover – and Kiki’s busy with Bensch and her guilt over her tryst with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen).

Michael’s bad luck love life

General Hospital spoilers show Michael has been forever unlucky in love. His first love was exotic dancer Abby Haver (Andrea Bogart) that died in a freak accident.  His relationship with Star Manning (Kristen Alderson) fizzled out. He and brother Morgan both tangled with Kiki and that was a big mess.

Then GH fans were horrified when lady love Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) was brutally murdered. Michael had more bad luck with women than anyone should bear. General Hospital fans hope Michael gets into a healthy romance with a woman that will heal his heart after this Nelle ordeal. 

Nelle says goodbye – not a moment too soon

Before GH fans can figure out who Michael should be with next, they must deal with the last days of Nelle. The car crash comes soon, but everyone should survive. There are official General Hospital spoilers tied to both Michael and Nelle for the next few weeks.

But once Nelle meets her fate – whether GH puts her in a grave, a coma, or behind bars – fans will be relieved that she’s gone for good. Then it’ll be time for Michael to put his life back together!

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