‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Under Shiloh’s Spell – Baby Truth Explodes

General Hospital spoilers tease that Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) is on a road to disaster. Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is luring him deeper into Dawn of Day. This leads to the baby swap reveal when Brad will lose everything. All signs point to this blowing up in Brad’s face by the end of May on the ABC sudser. Here is what to expect.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Cooper Under Shiloh Archer’s Spell

Once again, GH spoilers show the writers are forgetting the show’s history. Brad Cooper is a shrewd schemer, not a gullible goof. Sure, you can say his love for Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) makes him vulnerable. But if you’ve been watching the soap for a while, surely you see this Brad is not the same. Maybe the excuse is that fatherhood changed him.

But also General Hospital writers forgot that Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) already stood trial for running over Kiefer. Kristina Corinthos’ (Lexi Ainsworth) pledge is legally useless… Welp. So now, they have Brad increasingly falling under the spell of Shiloh Archer. And that’s before he pops off his shirt and shows his abs. Then, Brad will be utterly lost.

GH Spoilers: Brad Blabs Baby Secret – It’s Inevitable

Already, General Hospital spoilers showed that Shiloh Archer is increasingly bespelling Brad Cooper. He’s doing that touch healing stuff and Brad is putty in his hands quite literally. Brad told Shiloh about baby Wiley’s birth mother. He was interested as the guy has a fixation on babies. As he pulls Brad in closer, the baby secret will unfold with disastrous results.

As the inner circle is all women, Brad likely won’t make a trust pledge. But a stressed-out confession is increasingly likely. Soon, he says too much. Right now, GH spoilers show Lucas suspects his husband is not being honest. On May 23, new info says Lucas gets confrontational. That could be with his husband or Shiloh. The baby secret is a ticking time bomb.

Lab Tech Name-Drops Willow, Shiloh Blows Up His Life

General Hospital spoilers promise that Brad Cooper is about to lose everything – child, husband, all of it. He told Shiloh Archer this week that Wiley’s bio-dad is not in the picture. Once he finally confirms that Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) is the birth mother, then Shiloh will do the nine-month math really quickly. But what will he do next?

You can bet that upcoming GH spoilers will show that Shiloh wants “his” baby. If baby Wiley was the real deal, then Shiloh could probably restore his parental rights and take him from Brad and Lucas. So, Brad is stuck with the choice of losing Wiley to Shiloh or Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Hopefully, by then he will realize that Shiloh is a villain…

General Hospital: Baby Secret Exposed at Last

GH spoilers hint that Brad Cooper won’t tell Shiloh about the baby dying – unless he has to. This will likely unfold in stages like layers peeling back from a stinky onion. When Shiloh Archer realizes that he’s baby Wiley’s father, then he wants the baby. But, that’s not his kid. So, even though Brad made a promise to Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier), he’ll have to break it.

On General Hospital, if there’s a choice between Wiley in Michael’s hands versus Shiloh’s, there should be no contest. So, what’s ahead this month is that Brad and Lucas are about to lose their baby. Willow will get the devastating news that her baby died. Plus, Shiloh will find out that he and Willow had a baby that died. There’s a lot of sadness ahead.

By early Summer, angry Lucas dumps Brad Cooper. Then, we might even see Lucas and his hubby exit the character canvas. They were backburnered on GH before this baby swap story and might be slid back there again once the painful resolution occurs. Wait and see what comes next on ABC daytime.

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