‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Holding Out Hope For Her Prince Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers report Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) is on Ava Jerome‘s (Maura West) mind quite a bit lately. She even tried to contact him on the other side but of course, he’s not there. Surely, there is a good reason for that. Of course, Nikolas is very much alive and likely has an interesting story to tell.

Certainly, Nik’s name is in the air lately as a set insider says Tyler Christopher makes his comeback as the Dark Prince soon. Remember, Nikolas saw the good in Ava and made her feel accepted. Now, at the worst time in her life, she is missing him more than ever. She’s in for the shock of her life when Nikolas Cassadine shows back up on ABC’s GH as spoilers now hint.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Jerome Looking For Closure

GH spoilers know Ave Jerome is in desperate need of closure from her late daughter, Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Certainly, Ava just can’t get past how volatile they’re relationship was when Kiki tragically died. Surely, there is no way she can move on with her life until she makes amends.

So, she turns to psychic medium Sibley Gamble (Veronica Cartwright) to contact Kiki to make peace. Certainly, it doesn’t go quite as Ava hoped and she gets another shock on top of “Kiki’s” anger. Additionally, Sibley gives her some intriguing info on Nikolas Cassadine, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Sibley Shocks Ava To Her Core

General Hospital spoilers say Ava Jerome had a session with psychic Sibley Gamble to channel Kiki Jerome. So, she warned Ava that it might be hurtful to hear Kiki’s message and boy was she right. Either Sibley is a fantastic con or Kiki is still livid with Ava even in death.

Of course, “Kiki’s” words were painful and Ava is sad and disappointed. However, she’s not giving up on making things right with her daughter just yet. Then, Ava asked Sibley if she could contact Nikolas. However, she said he’s not on the other side. So, that is a big clue that Nikolas is still alive out there. No doubt, Ava’s mind is absolutely reeling, say GH spoilers.

Ava Felt Special With Nikolas – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers recall Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine met in London. Certainly, they had quite an adventure together as well as natural chemistry. They were kidnapped together but escaped and made it back to Cassadine Island. Of course, that’s when Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) made him sign over his fortune. Of course, they had a lot in common. No doubt, Ava felt that Nikolas understood her and accepted her for who she genuinely is.

Surely, he didn’t expect her to be someone she is not. Remember, he even fell to his “death” saving her life. Certainly, Ava Jerome needs someone like that now more than ever. Additionally, if she gets another chance with Nikolas she will able to move on to the next chapter of her life. Surely, he will help her get over the guilt of Kiki’s murder and move forward, say General Hospital spoilers.

Nikolas Cassadine Back From The Dead – GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers say Tyler Christopher’s finalizing details to reprise his role as Nikolas Cassadine on a trial basis. So, Ava Jerome (and everyone else) is in for a major shock when the Cassadine prince returns. Certainly, Valentin will be first in line to say “I told you so “. Remember, he always claimed his innocence and suspected Nik faked his death. No doubt, Nikolas has a score to settle with Valentin and will want  his fortune and home back – plus some revenge.

Remember, Ava is not a fan of Valentin either and will probably help Nik with whatever he is planning to reclaim what’s his. Certainly, Ava will be ecstatic to see him alive. No doubt, she will want another chance with the man that made her feel special. Also, he may be the key to Ava finally being able to move past Kiki’s death. Watch ABC weekdays to see when Nikolas Cassadine makes his return and if he’ll reconnect with Ava Jerome on GH.

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