‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alex in Port Charles – Anna MIA – Twin Twist Rocks Finn?

General Hospital spoilers suspect Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is really her twin Alex Marick now that she’s back. Anna’s not quite herself and if it’s Alex, she’ll cause trouble with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Recently, Anna returned home but her behavior seems slightly off. So, Alex may have Anna stashed somewhere while she takes over her life. Surely, this may be the start of a twin-twist that will spin Anna’s life out of control on GH. Let’s dig into why it seems Alex is once again hijacking Anna’s life on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alex Marick Pulled This Stunt Before

GH spoilers know this isn’t the first time Alex Marick and Anna Devane switched places. Remember, a couple of years back, Anna started acting strangely. She was obsessed with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) watching his every move. Turns out, it was Alex and she was desperate to find the Chimira weapon that Valentin once had. The real Anna Devane was drugged and held captive in a hospital in London.

Certainly, during that General Hospital swap, Anna Devane’s personality was different as she sometimes was cold and cruel. Also, her gestures were different because Alex Marick couldn’t nail every one of them perfectly. Eventually, Anna’s granddaughter Emma Scorpio-Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) caught on. Then, Anna woke up and was able to break free and head home shocking everyone. Besides that, Anna herself pretended to be Alex in the past for her own reasons. So, a twin switch is entirely possible, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Anna Devane Slightly Off

General Hospital spoilers indicate Anna Devane doesn’t seem quite like herself since her return. First off, Anna’s behavior with Valentin at the PCPD raised suspicion. No doubt, it is unlike her to be flirty with the man who has been her enemy for so many years. No way, would she be so friendly with him all of a sudden. Also, her reaction to catching Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) in her house with Hamilton Finn was odd.

No doubt, Anna Devane would’ve been far more annoyed to catch Hayden chilling pantsless on her sofa. However, General Hospital spoilers show she’s taking it quite well, to say the least. So, it may be Alex Marick who wouldn’t really care. Besides that, “Anna” was gone a long time and gave Finn a very vague answer about where she was and why she came back. So, add all this up and seems like a good chance Alex Marick’s pretending to be her twin, Anna Devane. No doubt, she is hiding her somewhere while she takes over her life for whatever mysterious reason, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Alex Marick Ruins Anna’s Life On General Hospital

GH spoilers predict the fallout from Alex Marick swapping places with Anna Devane will be epic (if that’s what is happening). No doubt, this is a very sensitive time in her relationship with Hamilton Finn. With Hayden back and the discovery of his daughter, Finn is in turmoil. No doubt, this is a time where their relationship will be tested. So, if Anna Devane acts strange because she’s literally not herself, it might cause problems with Finn and push him closer to Hayden. And Alex Marick wouldn’t care one bit.

Also, Alex might wreck Anna’s engagement by getting too close to Valentin. Remember, his relationship with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is on thin ice and he may soon find himself dumped. So, Alex may not be able to help herself and get too flirty with him causing a rift between her and Finn. Don’t miss a second of GH to see if Alex Marick is holding Anna Devane hostage while she steals her life in the ABC soap.

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