‘General Hospital’: Finola Hughes Leaves Soap For A While

If you are a fan of General Hospital then you are undoubtedly a fan of Finola Hughes as well. For more than three decades Finola has graced the screen weekday afternoons as Anna Devane on the popular soap. Since her introduction to the show, she’s been a cornerstone at General Hospital.

Finola has taken a leave from the show but fans need not worry, it is only temporary. The summer is here and after 30 some odd years, this iconic soap star deserves to take her annual summer vacation. After all, isn’t that what contracts are for?

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Mysterious Departure from Screen?

Soap Opera News suggests it was assumed she was kidnapped on the way to the airport on the soap. Fans haven’t seen hide nor hair of the star on the show since June 25. So it looks like it will be a summer of General Hospital without Anna Devane. This isn’t the first time a summer vacation has taken the soap icon away from GH.

Anna’s departure on the screen was a bit of a cliffhanger but Finola Hughes addressed her departure from the soap in a tweet. She posted, “See Y’all on the flip side of summer! Please spend time with your families and have fun! And sunscreen, plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreens….!!!”

Arrived at ‘General Hospital’ as Secret Agent

Anna Devane was born into the soap world as a secret agent. Her first soap appearance was in 1985 on General Hospital. The character Anna, who was played by the very young Finola Hughes was an instant success for the soap.

Back in 1991, Finola was replaced on General Hospital by Camilla Moore but Moore lasted just a few months. Finola returned for a brief appearance as Anna in 1995 on GH, according to ABC Soaps In Depth.

‘All My Children’ to ‘General Hospital’

The Anna Devane role for Finola became fulltime once again in 2001 but this time it was on All My Children. That’s right, the secret agent graced the screen on another soap.

Finola left All My Children in 2003, resurfaced on GH in 2006 and infrequently appeared on GH until 2008. The 58-year-old soap star has stayed put since she returned to Port Charles full-time in 2011.

Trials and Tribulations of Anna Devane

Through the decades Anna Devane has fallen in love with a gangster and worked with her ex-husband to get their kidnapped daughter back. She was once presumed dead in a horrific boat explosion.

The reveal that she was alive was another show stopper. It was Anna’s twin sister who brought her back to Pine Valley after the sister had been caring for her for years. She also lost a baby daughter named Leora and she also became a police commissioner as part of the soap script.

At one time Anna grieved for her daughter Robin when she thought she was dead. She later learned Robin was alive.

Sad times also saw the loss of an unborn baby for Anna Devane. This happened when she trapped in a falling elevator by a woman obsessed with her then GH husband.

Anna had been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer in the scripts. Her twin once took her place while she was held captive in London. It was the strange behavior that gave her away.

These are just a few of the trials and tribulations of Anna Devane. Not to mention the many men she’s been scripted to love through the decades. These men had a variety of fates. Some moved on, some died, and then some died and came back. There were also men she banned from her life.

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