‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Genie Francis Returns – Laura Married to Evil Ryan Chamberlain?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Genie Francis will be back as Laura Spencer Collins this September 2018! Fans are excited because Laura is a long time favorite.

Tvinsider interviewed the show’s executive producer Frank Valentini and he said, “I’m really excited for Genie Francis to be rejoining the cast and we have an amazing story for her.”

Valentini promised Genie Francis would have a front burner storyline when she comes back. What is the new story? Could Laura’s recent husband be an imposter, Ryan Chamberlain(Jon Lindstrom), rather than Dr. Kevin Collins(Jon Lindstrom)?

Francis told Tvinsider “I’m headed to Maine for the next month and then, after that, I’m back at General Hospital, I’m looking forward to coming home and I am really excited about this new invigorating storyline they have for Laura — I look forward to the next chapter of this prolific and historic character.”

Could Laura Spencer’s Husband be Kevin’s evil twin?

The latest General Hospital spoilers from recent episodes drop hints that Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) might not be himself. He’s been acting strage and has Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) fired from Ferncliff for no apparent reason. One possible explanation for his off-kilter behavior is that he’s not Kevin at all. Fans think might be his evil twin Ryan Chamberlain because of his behavior.

Rotten Ryan Could Definitely Be Alive!

As GH fans know, dead is rarely permanent on General Hospital. Anytime there is an explosion, there’s a chance that the person survived and will come back to wreak havoc. That could be what happened with Kevin’s wicked twin Ryan. He blew up spectacularly in a fiery funhouse fiasco. But the evil doc may have survived the big blast and is back to make trouble.

It’s evident that something is up with the duck-loving psychiatrist. One thing to consider is why Kevin bonded with Franco (Roger Haworth)? Kevin and Franco have a relationship outside of their counseling sessions. That is something no decent shrink should do. Is it Ryan that’s been counseling Franco? Did he bond with the former serial killer because he feels a psychological similarity?  

Genie Francis as Laura Spencer back with an exciting new storyline

Other General Hospital spoilers to consider is the fact that GH showrunners promised to bring back Genie Francis with a meaningful storyline. Longtime watchers were outraged when the ABC soap veteran was cut from the show with little notice. Fans rallied and raised an outcry. The producers promised to bring her back but only when they had a great story for her.

It could be that Genie’s return arc will be about Laura Spencer discovering that she’s hitched to Kevin’s devious and violent brother Ryan. Remember, there’s a mystery patient at Ferncliff next door to Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) who tapped out an SOS message. Some rumors hint it might be Morgan. But it now seems increasingly likely that it could be Kevin locked up in a padded cell.

Nathan Varni Said Genie Francis Will Return

Recent General Hospital spoilers from showrunner Nathan Varni on a podcast appearance (reported by ABC Soaps in Depth) are critical. He said that long time and beloved actress Genie Francis will return to the soap. Varni told Daytime After Dark, “Hopefully we’ve not lost Genie Francis… She is technically on recurring status.”

Varni added, “What we want is a prolific, big story for Laura that deserves the many talents of Genie Francis, so our writers are thinking and working on that as we speak.” Given the current strange circumstances surrounding Kevin‘s behavior, it might be that the writers finally have a killer new plot for Genie. Varni’s interview was mid-March so there’s been enough time to cement the plan.

Do you think it’s Ryan and not Kevin that’s running things at Ferncliff? If it is Ryan, how long has he been living Kevin’s life?  And is Laura married to the good doc or his evil twin? Keep watching GH weekdays on ABC and check back with Soap Dirt often for current General Hospital spoilers, gossip and news.

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