‘General Hospital’: Kirsten Storms Reveals Her Ex Brandon Barash Got Another Job

General Hospital‘s Maxie Jones portrayer Kirsten Storms revealed her ex Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) is switching his day job during the quarantine. While he usually works on Days of our Lives as Jake Lambert/Stefan DiMera, it seems he’s got a new gig for now. Check out the strange new career for Brandon during the COVID lockdown and how Kristen’s taking advantage.

General Hospital: Brandon Barash Switches Careers – Kristen DiMera’s Pleased

These days, ex GH fan-fave Brandon Barash is far from his mob counterpart Johnny Zacchara. He’s a doting dad to his daughter Harper Barash, whom he shares with ex-wife Kirsten Storms. Brandon’s been homeschooling their daughter (in French, no less), and now he’s expanding his tasks during coronavirus quarantine.

So, Brandon’s trying his hand at cutting hair which is a necessity since the salons aren’t open due to lockdown. But, Brandon’s little girl Harper needed her hair cut – and so did her mom, General Hospital actress Kirsten Storms. So, the ex-Johnny Zacchara actor checked out a few how-to videos on YouTube and gave their locks a fresh look.

Check out Brandon Barash (below) hard at work in his at-home salon. Then, Kirsten Storms got in on the action. Maxie Jones’ alter-ego also let Brandon take the scissors to her quarantine mop-top. The General Hospital talent sat down and let her ex-husband have a go at her blonde locks. And the results are cute (scroll to see).

General Hospital: Johnny Zacchara - Brandon Barash - Harper Barash

GH Star Kirsten Storms Gets in On the Action – Maxie Jones’ New Do

Brandon Barash’s ex-wife (and good friend), General Hospital star Kirsten was so happy with their daughter Harper’s angled cut that she wanted one of her own. So, Kirsten Storms got into the “salon chair” and the results are impressive. Her blonde tresses look awesome and she’s another happy customer despite the quarantine limitations.

However, fans must be wondering if Brandon Barash will soon turn the shears on himself. Clearly, the ex-General Hospital actor is a bit hairy these days while in self-isolation. So, he’s let his hair and beard go – like so many men have done. Now, the fan-fave actor may spruce up his own look soon while he’s on break at Days.

General Hospital: Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)

Maxie & Johnny Zacchara Actors Making the Most of Quarantine

General Hospital updates know Brandon Barash and his family must be sick of being stuck inside just like everyone else. Kirsten Storms says quarantine has taught them both a few things about themselves. A couple of those things are that she is a kitchen beautician at heart.

And, that Brandon can give a mean haircut. Kirsten of General Hospital absolutely loves her daughter’s new hairstyle. And, Kirsten Storms also loves the new look Brandon Barash gave her. She swept her shorn hair up into a scrunchy and called it a “Flintstones hairdo”.

General Hospital: Brandon Barash - Harper Barash

No doubt, this DIY salon day was a fun experiment for Brandon to try his hand at something new for his daughter. And who knows, maybe he’ll do mani-pedis on Kirsten and Harper next. And be sure to check back here for more updates on when GH will resume shooting new episodes – and what else Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms are up to during the soap hiatus.

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