Will ‘General Hospital’ Run Out of Episodes – COVID Hiatus Extended?

General Hospital may be out of new episodes soon because the soap’s hiatus might go on longer than expected due to concerns of COVID-19. As of now, there are still fresh episodes. But, they may not be able to start filming again soon enough to avoid a gap in newer episodes. So, should viewers expect re-runs (or a replacement show) from the ABC sudser next month?

General Hospital Cast Members Stay Connected With Fans on Hiatus

GH actors are even more present on social media lately and are doing their best to stay connected to fans. No doubt, the cast is thankful for all the General Hospital viewers out there and want to extend their thoughts and prayers. They keep us up-to-date with their lives and are sharing what they’re doing while sheltering in place against COVID-19.

Additionally, many of them are posting videos and doing Facebook lives and podcasts to connect from a distance. Now, everyone at GH wants their fans to know they appreciate them and wish the best for them. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Emme Rylan (Lulu) are crafting. Meanwhile, Stone Cold Steve Burton’s working out (no surprise there). As for Bradford Anderson, hear him read a sonnet below.

GH Hiatus May be Extended – No Shooting Til Late April or Early May?

ABC’s General Hospital announced recently they will stop shooting new scenes as of March 16. But, because they shoot a month ahead, they’ve got episodes ready to go. Initially, the shooting break was set to end on April 10. However, an ABC inside source leaked that it’s going to extend far later into the month and possibly into May. As of now, General Hospital should have enough episodes to last through April 13.

But, even if shooting resumes when estimated, that could be a problem for viewers. If they come back, hit the ground running, and edit fast, maybe there won’t be a gap in new General Hospital episodes. But, if they stay on break past early April, there’s likely to be a gap in GH. Of course, they could shorten the time from shoot to air, but soap opera spoilers indicate we should brace for this to affect daily viewership.


SNL Has an Idea How To Film New Soap Episodes Safely

Saturday Night Live last week came up with some brilliant ideas on how to keep filming soaps without actors spreading Coronavirus. The video spoof below shows a hilarious take on what soap operas would look like while dealing with the social distancing. So, while General Hospital likely won’t take these desperate measures, it’s a pretty funny skit.

For now, fingers crossed that GH will resume shooting on the 10th of April as projected. However, our set source said they won’t be back then. If that’s true, it’s a concern for viewers because that means General Hospital will run out of new episodes. If so, perhaps they’ll air re-runs or other content in its place. Wait and see.

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