‘General Hospital’: Is Steve Burton Leaving Again?

General Hospital fans are asking is Steve Burton leaving again from his role as Jason Morgan. Their concerns are legitimate since there are some high-profile actor exits from GH recently. Additionally, there is strong speculation that Billy Miller (AKA Drew Cain) is on the way out the door. Jason Morgan seems to be playing side lines in others’ storylines for quite some time. He has been more of an accessory in other’s front burner arcs. So, no doubt fans are worried that Stone Cold might leave General Hospital. But is Steve Burton’s contract up soon? Here’s what we know about the actor’s future on the ABC soap.

General Hospital: Steve Burton Left Before – Took Slot at Y&R

GH fans recall Steve Burton walked away from his wildly popular role as Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan back in 2012. He played this role for 21 years. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family, but just months later he turned up on Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy. Many GH fans were not happy that Steve chose YR as his new daytime home. Reportedly, the CBS soap was more flexible with his time off so he could optimize time with his wife and kids which is understandable. There was perhaps more to it, though, as he followed Jill Farren Phelps when she moved from GH to YR

Fans hoped he would return to his iconic role on General Hospital. So, after his four-year Emmy award-winning run on YR, chatter cropped up that Steve Burton would be back to GH. The official announcement splashed in June 2017 that he’d be back as Jason Morgan, the role that made him a household soap name. His new story arc was high-profile and exciting starting as Patient 6.  Fans were intrigued at first. Then, they wanted Jason back in Port Charles. And he crashed into the MetroCourt spectacularly. Of course, many wanted Jason back with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

But Is Steve Burton Really Leaving GH Again?

General Hospital star Steve Burton is known primarily as his alter ego, Jason Morgan. His adoring fans look forward to the days he’s on their screens playing the iconic role. But since several prominent actors have left the ABC soap, many are concerned about Steve. Ratings dips also fuel fan worries. The concerns stemmed from the highly likely departure of another fan favorite, Billy Miller as Drew Cain.

Rumors of Miller’s exit swirled as soon as Burton’s return was announced. Recall Billy Miller played the same role as Burton. However, that was easily remedied by having the two actors play twin brothers. But still, fans felt that once Burton, things got strange plot-wise for Miller as Drew. And now nearly two years later, it seems the recast turned twin is turning his sights elsewhere, as multiple sources confirmed to TV Source.

Don’t Panic – Steve Burton Not Going – Jason Morgan Not Leaving

Yes, Michelle Stafford (AKA Nina Reeves) bailed over to Y&R. That was a stunner. Elizabeth Hendrickson is also back there so DA Margaux Dawson is done. However, General Hospital watchers can rest easy. Steve Burton appears to be staying on as Jason Morgan for the long-run. When he reprised his role, he signed what a lengthy contract and said he’d be staying “a long time”.

In the soap world, a long-term contract on GH is three years plus (or even longer). So, ideally, we have Steve Burton for at least one more year as he debuted in Fall 2017. But it might have even been a five-year deal. Even so, it should be a year or two before viewers need to worry about contract renewal and negotiations. The actor is excited about his ABC soap future and fully committed. He says there are lots of great stories coming so enjoy because Steve Burton is staying at GH!

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