‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Jordan Ashford Replacement Starts Taping

General Hospital Casting News reports that the recent casting call for “Jessica” is in fact for the part of Jordan Ashford. Vinessa Antoine, the current actress playing the role on GH announced that she is leaving the show. The new cast member is expected to begin taping as Jordan on August 13th.

GH Recast for Jordan Ashford Must be a Babe

Previous reports on Soap Dirt about the casting call tell GH fans that the contract role is for an African-American female in her late 30’s. Other information about the recast is that she needs to be beautiful, smart, strong, savvy and dynamic according to Soap Opera Digest. These qualities are certainly needed to be a successful recast for this part. These attributes will come in handy when she is leading the PCPD. She will also be busy supporting her son and keeping the attention of fiance’, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner).

The character of Jordan was introduced to the GH audience in 2014. When she first arrived in Port Charles, viewers were led to believe that she was a drug importer. It was later discovered that she was working undercover for the DEA. Currently, she is the commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department.

New General Hospital Cast Member Working Overtime

Jordan is required to fight for what’s right, but she also has a defiant edge to her. She has to have the capacity to look the other way every now and then. Especially, if she expects to be married to the hottest male P.I. in town. There is certainly enough crime in PC to keep her occupied. It will be interesting how long it will take for some of Curtis’ ways will rub off on her.

General Hospital fans are hoping the newcomer make this role her own. Jordan is not someone to mess with. She comes with her own set of handcuffs and a department of PC’s finest to back her up. Come back to Soap Dirt for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.