‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Gets Heartbreaking News – Jordan In Danger?

General Hospital spoilers report Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) gets tragic news that may involve his wife Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry). Jordan’s latest quest is to bring the serial killer down by using Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). The plan goes sideways because she ends up in jeopardy. GH spoilers predict Jordan is tragically hit by a car. But, is it a plan set in motion by Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)? Or, is it a genuine accident caused by a friend?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Ashford’s Risky Plan

General Hospital spoilers say Jordan Ashford is on a mission to find the serial killer in an unusual way. She convinced Franco Baldwin to plead guilty in hopes of making the real psycho jealous of the attention he is getting.

Jordan knows that in a killer’s mind the best part of committing such heinous crimes is the recognition. No doubt, the maniac is not going to be happy that Franco is getting the “glory” for all his hard work.

Jordan is betting on this, that’s why she wants Franco to take the blame. She knows the killer will get tired of Franco having his spotlight. Or, he’s going to get overconfident and slip up. Either way, she’s hoping to draw him out. Curtis Ashford is concerned.

Commissioner Ashford Targeted By Ryan Chamberlain?

General Hospital spoilers hint Jordan Ashford’s accident may have been caused by Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan is getting desperate and knows he must watch his step with Franco Baldwin in custody. He needs to take drastic measures to keep his identity hidden.

So, Ryan may have wanted to take Jordan out of the equation to buy himself some time by stopping her from investigating. Furthermore, Ryan attacking her with Franco locked up would prove Franco’s innocence. So, an orchestrated car accident would be the perfect alternative.

GH Spoilers: Jordan Accidentally Run Down By Drew Cain?

General Hospital spoilers indicate Jordan’s accident could be just that, an accident. There’s a good chance Jordan is hit by Drew Cain because he suddenly went blind behind the wheel. GH spoilers remind there is a mysterious virus causing identical twins to have an excruciating headache followed by blindness.

The virus already affected two sets of sets of twins, Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin Collins (also Jon Lindstrom). Also, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and most likely her twin Alex Devane (also Finola Hughes). So, that left fans wondering when the virus would strike the last set of twins in Port Charles, Drew Cain and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

GH spoilers suggest the virus will target Drew next while he is driving causing him to lose control. Unfortunately, Drew runs down Jordan. Certainly, he will feel incredibly guilty for hitting his BFF Curtis Ashford’s lady Jordan Ashford even though it isn’t his fault. Will Curtis be understanding?

Curtis Ashford Torn Up

General Hospital spoilers say Curtis Ashford will be beside himself when he discovers his new bride got struck by a car. No doubt, he’ll be even more stunned if it turns out that his close friend Drew Cain is responsible. Of course, it is an accident beyond Drew’s control but it is still horrific.

Most likely, Curtis Ashford will be understanding and not hold Drew accountable. However, anything is possible and Curtis may need someone to blame lashing out at Drew. Curtis is the go-to guy for everyone in Port Charles to lean on. Now, it’s Curtis’ turn be faced with tragedy.

Surely, Curtis Ashford will need as much support as he can get it while he sticks by Jordan’s side hoping for her to pull through. Watch ABC weekdays to see how the story unfolds for Jordan Ashford and her hubby Curtis Ashford.

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