‘General Hospital’: 5 Reasons Drew Cain Needs to Come Back to ‘GH’

General Hospital should be filming soon, and we hope fan-favorite Drew Cain (Billy Miller) resurfaces. Remember, when his plane went down on the way to Afghanistan, his body was never found. So, that leaves the door wide open for a return. No doubt, fans are chomping at the bit for Drew to come back to the ABC sudser.

#1 Drew Cain Needs to Reconnect with Scout & Sam on General Hospital

GH fans know Drew Cain needs to come home for his daughter Emily Scout. Of course, she needs her dad in her life. But, Drew needs to go back for his ex-wife Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) as well. Even if they’re not together, Sam still cares for Drew and wants him back for Scout on General Hospital.

No doubt, she would be relieved if Drew’s alive. That way, Sam won’t need to worry about what to tell Scout because she would get her daddy back on GH. Of course, “Dream” fans would be ecstatic if he is back in Sam’s life. Then, there’s always a chance they can get back together on General Hospital.

General Hospital: Drew Cain (Billy Miller)

#2 Franco Needs His “Brother” Back on GH

Another reason Drew Cain needs to be back on General Hospital is for his pseudo brother Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Remember, before the memory transfer fiasco, he and Franco had become extremely close. Drew even considered him a brother on GH. Then, he ended up with Drew’s memories.

Of course, his memories are intact now and he is himself again on General Hospital. But, Drew went missing before Franco returned. Then, when Franco found out that he was presumed dead he was devastated. So, he needs to come back so Franco can have his “brother” back, and they can strengthen their bond on GH.

#3 Drew & Jason Need to Bond as Brothers on General Hospital

Many Drew Cain fans would love to see him return to GH, so he and his twin Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) can bond as brothers. Remember, they were close to burying the hatchet. Then, when Franco was Drew Cain they got a little closer. Of course, he wasn’t in his right body, but Jason seemed to warm up to him. He even helped him build the treehouse Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) asked them to build it together.

So, if the real deal comes home, Jason would likely be on board to get closer. Of course, it may be a little harder for him because he has no memory of who he was. The only memories he has are Jason’s. But, it would be wonderful if they could put the past behind them and get close on General Hospital.

General Hospital: Drew Cain (Billy Miller) - Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson)

#4 Monica Q Needs Good News – Too Many Losses for the Q Lady on GH

Another person on General Hospital who needs Drew Cain to come back home is his mother Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson). No doubt, she has suffered so much loss over the years. And, she is desperate to know more about his life growing up. So, if he comes back to GH, he might finally get the procedure to remember the person he was.

Then, General Hospital viewers may get the chance to know who Drew Cain was before he thought he was Jason. No doubt, that’s something fans have wanted for a long time. So, Monica would be ecstatic to get her son back and learn about his past. And, we would finally get to learn about who petty officer chief Andrew Cain was on GH.

#5 Drew Needs to Visit Oscar’s Meadow on General Hospital

Fav-fave Drew Cain needs to get back to town so he can pay Oscar’s Meadow a visit. Remember, that’s the section of the park in honor of his late son on GH. No doubt, it’s much different these days. Surely, he needs to be able to feel close to Oscar. Besides that, other people miss him dearly, like his good buddy Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner).

Also, Curtis could use his help protecting his family from Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) Remember, Drew and Curtis made a great team back in the day on General Hospital. Of course, folks would love to see their bro dynamic again. So, hopefully, when GH brings back new episodes Drew Cain will return to Port Chuck on ABC daytime.

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