Dr. Phil Hoax: Black-Hating Treasure Girl Fake – Sister Nina Richards Exposes Truth

Dr. Phil interviewed Treasure recently, and the outrageous 16-year-old African-American teen girl went viral. Treasure’s videos gained millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. That’s because she claimed that she hated black people says she’s white. But now her antics have drawn the wrath of her sister, Nina Richards. Nina took to Instagram to call the whole episode a hoax.

Dr. Phil and black-hating Treasure girl’s hoax

As seen in the below Instagram live video from Treasure’s sister’s nina.kimberly_ account, Nina claims that her sister, her mom, and brother pulled a fast one on the famous author and psychologist. But Nina also blamed the talk show host for not performing due diligence research on his viral guest. Richards said that Treasure and her family simply wanted a free trip to Los Angeles. So they allegedly concocted a scheme to pretend that Treasure hated black people.

The Dr. Phil videos from his show went viral quickly, amassing millions of views in 24 hours. And Treasure became the meme that she desired. However, Nina blasted her mother for taking Treasure to Dr. Phil instead of to school. In the Instagram live video, which is filled with expletives, Richards said that child welfare authorities are after Treasure for truancy. Nina also blasted Dr. Phil for allegedly not performing proper background research on the family to uncover the hoax.

Treasure, the self-hating meme

Treasure was just a young black girl cutting a birthday cake in videos like “Family” below, posted to Nina’s YouTube account, says the older sister. Nina railed at the notion that the young girl that she helped raise could actually hate African-Americans. But some viewers had already guessed that she didn’t hate black people. Nina claims to offer proof-positive that her sister has plenty of black friends.

Instead, certain viewers of the viral videos knew that Treasure was trying to become the next “cash me outside” sensation. While previous Dr. Phil guests became famous for outlandish talk, Treasure’s insults about African-Americans may backfire. Nina is not happy with the entire charade and the negative attention that it has brought her family.

Nina calls Dr. Phil a fraud

“Repost #fraudphil and #drfraud I will follow back,” Nina wrote on one of her recent Instagram posts. The older sister is angry at the talk show host and at Treasure for a portrayal that she claims is a big scam.

Claims that Dr. Phil exploited Treasure for ratings gold are filling social media. Nina has also reposted screenshots of the talk show host’s appearance on The Breakfast Club, along with photos of fake Treasure social media accounts. Nina is urging people to report fake accounts that show her with “Make America Great Again” rhetoric.

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