‘Dr. Phil’: Black Girl Says She’s White – Gets 1.7 Million YouTube Views

Dr. Phil featured Treasure, a 16-year-old African-American teen girl who believes she’s white. As a result, the below Dr. Phil videos featuring Treasure’s antics have amassed 1.7 million views in 24 hours.

Dr. Phil and troubled Treasure

Treasure and her Dr. Phil videos are going viral across social media for insisting she is white. However, the troubled teen is obviously black. She also repeated derogatory statements about African-American people that Dr. Phil derided. Treasure’s mother and brother tried to reason with her as she called people of color a litany of insults.

Anyone who attempted to tell Treasure that she was indeed a black girl wasn’t believed. Meanwhile, Treasure alluded to problems when she said that her mother ultimately confessed the identity of Treasure’s African-American father, but Treasure didn’t believe her mom. The full-blown identity crisis was on full display as Treasure spoke of “ghetto hood rats.”

Treasure “taken aback” by black Dr. Phil producer

Shock and surprise followed Treasure when she met a black Dr. Phil producer named Christian. After meeting the woman, Treasure didn’t want to shake her hand. Calling herself “perfect” like Caucasians, she told Dr. Phil that she doesn’t have empathy for others.

The show segments featured Treasure walking around Beverly Hills, and then over to the “hood.” She preferred the locations with giant homes as opposed to more urban locales.

Delusional or no?

Dr. Phil questioned if Treasure was indeed delusional. Meanwhile, her brother asked his sister if she had a mirror. For her part, Treasure spoke of dislike of the shape and size of African-Americans noses, lips and style of hair.

Treasure claimed her hair was naturally straight. She went on to call herself perfect, much to the shock of Dr. Phil’s audience. She went on to verbally attack some of the African-Americans in the audience, whom she said were getting really loud.

Black girl insists she’s white – and better

The notion of a black person believing they are white is a scene right out of Dave Chappelle’s blind Klan character. The portrayal of the blind black man is memorable because the man didn’t realize he was a member of the race he hated.

But while Chappelle’s character was a joke, Treasure is one black girl who seems to truly believe she’s white. “I’m white. I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from African-Americans,” she said. Dr. Phil told her several times that her language was offensive. She proclaimed, “I know I’m biologically white. I feel it through my veins and through my blood. I don’t just think I’m white, I know that I’m white.”

Treasure’s mom is afraid

The illogical and racist stance of the young girl has caused Treasure’s mom to worry about her daughter. Those fears include a possible Ku Klux Klan membership for the teen.

“I may just do it if they offer me a hood,” she shot back. The girl insisted that God created one perfect person, and that individual is Treasure. Calling black people chaotic folks who should be placed in jail has drawn plenty of attention to the episode.

Life coach says the girl is hurting

A life coach and therapist flew in from Atlanta to try and help. But Treasure dismissed the African-American woman. She received lies growing up, but when she was told the truth about her black dad, a complete identity crisis erupted.

Treasure moved from a predominately suburban environment to what she described as the hood as a girl. “If I’ve been white since the day I’ve been born then I’m still white now and I will be white every day,” she stated.

Treasure’s family disagrees

Treasure felt that her mother and brother were on a higher level than other African-Americans. But they declared they are indeed black people.

Instead of facing reality, Treasure continued to lob insults about African-Americans, calling them disgusting, thuggish and ugly. She laughed and seemingly showed concern when Dr. Phil said he had diabetes.

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