Dr. Oz Has Nation Devouring Vinegar – So What’s this Influential Doc’s Salary

Dr. Oz is reported by some media outlets as one of the most influential people of the century. He’s made Esquire’s list that says so. Mehmet Oz is also one of 100 most influential people of the year, according to Time Magazine. Then there’s Healthy Living Magazine that dubs Dr. Oz “one of the greatest healers of the millennium.”

OK, you get the picture, Dr. Oz is one popular guy and he’s got that touch of charisma that keeps him that way. He’s a real doctor, despite rumors claiming he’s not. He is a heart surgeon whose specialty was heart transplants at one time.

Dr. Oz Makes a Change

Dr. Oz left the practicing side of medicine to dedicate his time to spreading the word of wellness. He’s become the guy folks look to for illness prevention as well as for fixing what ails them.

Back in 2003, this wellness guru of sorts got a TV gig – Second Opinion With Dr. Oz. During its sole season, he landed celebrity guests like Charlie Sheen, Magic Johnson, Quincy Jones, Patti LaBelle and none other than Oprah.

Dr. Oz Get’s Big Push Via Oprah

Dr. Oz and Oprah developed a “warm working relationship,” according to Biography.com. After that one season ended, he was a frequent guest on Oprah, which eventually led to his own show. This is the show many folks watch weekdays from their living rooms around the nation… The Dr. Oz Show

The good doctor’s written books and made appearances on countless venues. While he’s got a ton of credits to his name, this the doctor’s rise to stardom in a nutshell. The big break-out push… none other than Oprah.

Big Push on Apple Cider Vinegar

The folks who manufacture vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, must love him. All you have to do is Google “Dr. Oz Vinegar” and a ton of advice he’s given over the years on apple cider vinegar pops up.

From the apple cider detox plan to an apple cider skincare regimen, he’s featured these all on his show.

Vinegar Guru Makes Millions

So, how much money does this popular TV doctor make a year?

Earlier this year Forbes Magazine reports that Dr. Oz makes “millions” a year. It’s estimated this doctor’s annual salary for his TV show at $4 Million, but that is not including endorsements, commercials, and promotions he does.

Dr. Oz’s net worth is said to be anywhere from $7 million to $30 million, with some soaring even higher with their estimates. It looks as if he keeps his financial cards close to his chest.

Advice for Life’s Problems Rakes in More?

While this is big money to the average American, it pales in comparison to Dr. Phil McGraw’s reported net worth. Dr. McGraw is another doctor who got his big push from appearances on Oprah. He is said to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 million.

This is not all from Dr. McGraw’s TV salary. His fame gave him the foundation to launch many ventures including books, brands, and other venues.


Dr. Oz – Beyond Salad Dressing

Any way you look at it, Dr. Oz is an entity of his own as he is the man who America listens to for healthcare advice. He is very influential and chances are if you are using apple cider vinegar for any other reason than a salad dressing, you’ve got the idea from him or someone who has seen his show.

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