‘Days of Our Lives’: Steve Johnson’s Exit- Were You Happy? Grade Patch’s Send Off

Days of Our Lives has said goodbye to Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols). Fans have known that Steve leaves this fall, as portrayer Stephen Nichols announced this earlier in the year. However, Steve’s send-off was off camera, which surprised a lot of fans.

Why Did Stephen Nichols Leave Days of Our Lives?

There have been many updates on Days of Our Lives over the past couple of months about why Stephen Nichols was leaving DOOL. First, it was revealed that Nichols appeared to not be taping Days of Our Lives in early March. It was then revealed that this was not by the actor’s choice, which led many to believe there was more going on between Nichols and the powers that be at DOOL.

We then found out the truth: Nichols did not re-sign his contract with Days of Our Lives. Nichols spoke about this decision on his various social media accounts, where he later revealed that he didn’t feel comfortable taking a 30% cut in his salary.

Because he declined to renew his contract, his character was written out of Days of Our Lives. While many fans thought that this would mean Steve would get an honorable exit (as he is a long-running character and fan favorite), this isn’t exactly what happened. Instead, Nichols’ exit as Steve was off-camera.

Recap: How Did Steve Johnson Leave DOOL?

To refresh your memory, let’s recap how, exactly, Steve Johnson left Days of Our Lives this time around. Nichols’ last air date was August 31, though viewers wouldn’t have known that was his last date until September 4, when Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) began to look for him. Turns out, he was arrested for espionage off-screen.

Kayla finds out from Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) that Steve was arrested. Evidently, the bionic eye that she helped him get — with help from none other than Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) — has actually been taking information and recording the things that Steve saw.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal. Steve has been privy to top secret ISA information. Without his knowledge, his eye has been recording and documenting everything he had seen. Now, he is accused of espionage and treason.

Stephen Nichols’ Last Airdate on Days of Our Lives

The Days of Our Lives viewers didn’t see these events of Steve’s arrest take place. Roman informed Kayla of exactly what happened, making her feel horrible as she was the one who encouraged him to get the bionic eye. Stefan had made demands and threats in the past, and she felt she should have seen it coming.

Nichols’ last airdate has many fans split, as the final send-off was one that wasn’t even viewed. Nichols’ himself has said on his social media accounts in the past that he was immediately written off upon not renewing his contract.

The only bright spot Days of Our Lives fans can find upon watching the last episode was that Nichols was in the very last scene — the scene with him and Drake Hogestyn (John Black). The two characters have been friends for decades, so it was nice to see the level of friendship being played out for one last time.

Will Patch Ever Return?

The chances of the character Steve Johnson being recast and played by another actor is slim. Stephen Nichols is a fan favorite, Days fans would never go for that.

If it’s any consolation, Nichols himself really loves Days of Our Lives and playing the character opposite his good friend Mary Beth Evans. From the statements he has made online, it seems likely he would be willing to return to play Steve — if proper negotiations could be made in the future.

However, Nichols has a lot of fans that would like him to return to another soap opera: General Hospital. He formerly played Stefan Cassadine. Many fans are hoping that now that Nichols is free, he’ll head back to Port Charles.

What do you think of Steve Johnson’s Exit?

Now, it’s time for you to decide what you thought of Steve “Patch” Johnson’s send-off. Were you looking for something more dramatic? A final goodbye between Steve and Kayla? Maybe just something that was actually on screen? Take the poll below and grade Steve Johnson’s exit from DOOL.


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