‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stephen Nichols Ousted – Arrest for Espionage Explains Steve Johnson’s Exit

Days of Our Lives spoilers explain Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) sudden disappearance from DOOL is due to his arrest for espionage. The arrest took place offscreen

Soaps.com reports that Stephen Nichols did not renew his contract with DOOL.  Negotiations broke down.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that DOOL and the actor couldn’t agree on a contract. One that benefited both of the actor and the show. On Instagram, Nichols posted “I know that there are still years of Steve Johnson and Kayla’s story left to be told. I hope we get to tell that story”. His statement suggests that he’s hopeful he will return to Days some day.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – It’s a Matter of National Security

Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) believed she was doing what was best for her husband when she suggested he get a bionic eye. She made a deal with the devil, Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher), to help Steve Johnson regain his vision. Now, Days of Our Lives spoilers show the deal will cost her and Steve dearly.

A computer controls the electronic eye. Kayla mentioned this shortly after Steve Johnson had his surgery.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint the bionic eye is also a recording device. At implantation, the new eye began recording. Over the years, Steve has been privy to top-secret ISA information. That information is now saved on a computer. Without his knowledge, Steve became a spy. National security is now at risk because of him. Steve stands accused of treason and espionage.

Days of Our Lives Kayla did it all for love

Steve’s arrested for espionage will be off-screen. Stephen Nichols will not film his arrest scene. Kayla won’t get to tell the man she loves how sorry she is. She is responsible for what is happening. DOOL spoilers reveal that Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) will offer his sister comfort as she deals with the fallout. Kayla had no way of knowing that the computerized eye would cause so much trouble. Being under Stefan’s thumb was bad enough but now the super eye has cost Kayla the love of her life.

Stefan could have set Steve Johnson up. Steve hates Stefan. He’s been very vocal about his hatred.  Making sure Steve is charged with a serious crime such as espionage and treason is the perfect way to neutralize him.  Steve could also have information that Stefan wanted access to. Stefan may have no idea what the mechanical eye is capable of, so he could be just as shocked as Kayla and Steve.

The fallout from the bionic eye is huge. Kayla will have a difficult time coming to terms with what she has done. With her son and husband both in jail and her daughter out of town Kayla might need to reply on her step-son Tripp (Lucas Adams) for moral support. Will he hold her responsible for his father’s legal troubles?

Nichols departure has stirred up his fan base but it seems Days is leaving the door open for Stephen Nichols return.

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