‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan and Chloe Bond – Super Couple Alert?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) and Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) continue to bond, potentially leading to a new super couple on the NBC soap. Ever since Stefan saved Chloe’s life, the two hit it off in a big way.

In fact, now Chloe Lane even lives with him. Signs point to these two staying together unless Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) ruin it before their relationship ever truly begins. As it stands, it’s already like they are living as a little family – and the DiMera heir loves it.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chloe Lane and Stefan DiMera Bond

In recent DOOL spoilers, Stefan DiMera and Chloe Lane grow their bond. The newfound friends now live together and found common ground in how they were raised and over Holly Jonas (Harlow Marie and Scarlett Olivia Mallory). All he ever wanted was a family of his own. With Chloe and her kids under his roof, he could finally realize this dream.

Recently, Stefan almost had a family on Days of Our Lives but it was all part of Gabi’s revenge plan. She made Stefan believe he was Abigail Deveraux’s (Kate Mansi) baby daddy. Then, it came out the baby’s father was really Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn).

Now that Chloe and Stefan DiMera continue to bond, it could signal the duo will become a new super couple in town. Already, fans have accepted the pairing. However, will Gabi and Brady ruin Chloe and Stefan’s bond and newfound relationship before it truly begins?

DOOL Spoilers: Brady and Gabi Team Up

Brady and Gabi decided to team up on Days of Our Lives to take down Stefan DiMera. Brady wants to ruin Stefan for two reasons. One, he’s head of Titan now, so undoing the DiMera CEO is good for business. And two, Brady doesn’t want Chloe Lane anywhere near the guy.

However, Chloe may think differently as Stefan literally saved her life. She’s never going to forget that. Plus, he offered up his home so she and her kids could live in safety now that El Fideo’s men are hunting her.

While Brady and his ex-wife are friends with potential for more, Brady couldn’t get Chloe to move into the Kiriakis mansion. So, it’s clear that Brady’s feelings for Chloe are back in some capacity. Now that he and Gabi team up, surely he will try and win Chloe back.

Days of Our Lives: Gabi and Stefan DiMera Also Spark

While Chloe and Stefan have sizzling chemistry, so do sworn enemies Gabi and Stefan. In fact, as previous spoilers hinted, hatred for each other soon turns to passion for the foes. And fans already love the duo. So, Gabi could step in and steal Chloe Lane’s new man.

This may come as a surprise, especially as Gabi hates the DiMera boss on Days of Our Lives. In fact, while she hated Abby, she hates Stefan even more. However, this wouldn’t be the first time hate turned to love on the NBC soap. And remember, his face will soon change to a new actor.

Gabi and her worst enemy may be Salem’s hot new couple, leaving the door open for Brady to sweep ex-wife Chloe Lane off her feet. While Stefan and Chloe Lane’s chemistry grows, soon Gabi’s hatred for Stefan DiMera changes to passion. Watch DOOL as things heat up.

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