‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan Shot Protecting Chloe – Hero Move Sparks Romance?

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) gets shot protecting Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) leaving Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) upset as the duo grows closer. Could Stefan’s lifesaving bravery have Chloe looking at him with new eyes? The shooting prompts a new dynamic between them that could change everything.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera Shot By Drug Thugs

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that some of the dirtbags show up that worked for the drug lord Mateo aka El Fideo (Andoni Gracia) that Chloe killed. They take a shot at her and it appears like the devilish DiMera does something unexpected and takes a bullet for her.

As recent DOOL spoilers revealed, Stefan is ready to sacrifice himself for Chloe. However, it wasn’t known until recently that this meant someone actually shot him, signaling just how serious the life-saving situation was. He fights off drug dealers next week to protect Chloe Lane.

DOOL Spoilers: Stefan Protects Then Saves Chloe Lane

This whole situation on Days of Our Lives escalated when Chloe discovered the bloody knife on today’s episode. Stefan DiMera happened to be there when she opened the envelope with the scary message. She panicked, confessed the killing, and shared her fears. This struck a chord with him and put him into a protective mode. Chloe Lane is scared for her kids.

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Stefan no longer has the child he thought was his – Charlotte DiMera. So stepping up for Chloe fulfills an emptiness inside him. He lost Gabby (Kate Mansi) and the child they thought he shared. Dark haired beauty Chloe might be just his type. So he’ll offer to let her and the kids move in with him where it’s safe. But you can bet her ex-husband will not like that at all.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chloe Lane and Stefan – Romance in the Future?

As Stefan saves Chloe’s life and is injured in the process on DOOL, things could really change between them.Taking a bullet for a woman is pretty impressive indeed. No matter what anyone has to say about Stefan DiMera, in that moment, he proves himself to Chloe. Plus, he’s protecting her children. These things matter a lot – and could have her looking at him in a new light.

If there was any sign of romance before she moved in, it’ll just ramp up after she begins living in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives fans have been shipping this relationship for a while. Finally, it looks like these two may become something more than just acquaintances. Of course, Brady Black will hate this since he was hoping to reconcile with his ex-wife.

But is there any way that Brady can compete with Stefan DiMera saving her life and shielding her kids from a horrifying threat? Stefan and Chloe seemed to have a little spark before she opened the bloody knife she was mailed. That changed the dynamic, but it seems that very soon these two will share life and death moments. Those are life-changing and could open them up to love.

When Stefan DiMera literally takes a bullet for Chloe Lane, it might shoot down any chance Brady Black had.

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