‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Seven Weddings for Marlena and John – Legal at Last?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and John Black (Drake Hogestyn) finally marry on Thursday, November 8. This date also marks DOOL’s 53rd anniversary! Will Jarlena’s wedding go off without hitch? Or will it end yet again in another disaster?

When John and Marlena tried to get hitched in August and she was shot, Entertainment Weekly reported that as their sixth wedding. Some soap sires report a different count for the number of times they’ve tried to get wed. If you go by EW’s count, this is lucky number seven for the longtime couple. Will it be legal at last and finally a happily ever after?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Marlena Evans & John Black Marry

The milestone anniversary of Days of Our Lives also marks the day Marlena Evans and John Black finally marry each other. Previously, the last time the two tried to walk down the aisle together, Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) interrupted their wedding. Back from the dead, Kristen pretended to be Susan Banks (also played by Haiduk).

Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) was the first to crash the DOOL wedding, barging in on her mother’s big day drugged and searching for Kristen. Once she was able to find her and show everyone that Kristen was really alive, Kristen pulled out a gun and held everyone hostage. After messing around with Sami’s head and giving her the gun, a shot fired. The gunshot hit Marlena.

While everyone thought that Sami was the one to shoot her mother, it was actually Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) who did. He was trying to shoot Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan), though he failed and accidentally shot Marlena Evans instead. Marlena ended up in a coma, fighting for her life, unmarried to John Black on Days of Our Lives. And this is where Hattie comes in…

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Does John Divorce Hattie?

When Belle Black (Martha Madison) finds documentation that signals Marlena doesn’t want her life prolonged (if she can’t speak for herself) in the hospital, Kayla Brady Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) had to take her friend off of her ventilator. However, John, Kayla, and Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) won’t let this happen. To trick the hospital and all of Marlena’s family, they recruit Hattie Adams (also played by Deidre Hall) to their cause.

Pretending to be Marlena while the real Marlena was hidden in an abandoned section of the hospital, Hattie takes control of her situation. In the process, she actually marries John. It’s her name on the wedding license, not Marlena’s. That was a stunner for Days of Our Lives fans.

This obviously brings about a lot of questions. Does John manage to divorce Hattie in order to officially marry Marlena? Does Hattie let John divorce her without causing a scene? Could Roman tie into any of this, considering Hattie is so gaga over him? Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that John does ask Roman for help with his Hattie problem. Hattie would probably like to be married to Roman much more than she likes being married to John!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: A Jarlena Happily Ever After, Finally?

Jarlena is the number one power couple on Days of Our Lives, so it’s about time they get their own happily ever after. While they’ve been a steady powerhouse couple for a while now, they’ve always had something that came in the way of their true happiness. After all, this isn’t the first wedding they’ve had together.

With Jarlena set for a wedding on November 8, will we finally see Jarlena happy and married? Or will something else happen on their wedding day, both of them forever doomed with terrible luck? Kristen is still alive and well, as is Xander. Both could potentially plan some harm if they learn that the two are trying to get married. Both Kristen and Xander thrive on causing trouble.

Once Jarlena gets married (if they officially make it down the aisle together this time successfully), what could happen next for this super couple? Will they quietly settle down into Salem life, leaving their adventures behind them? We have a feeling this is not going to happen. Wherever Jarlena is, drama seems to be only right around the corner.

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