‘Days of Our Lives’Spoilers: Roman Brady and Hattie Adams Hookup Inevitable?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) and Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall) hookup while Marlena Evans (also played by Deidre Hall) is in a coma. Marlena lies in a hospital bed while with Hattie Adams, her doppelganger, in her place. The switch is unknown to most of Salem, including the majority of her family. Looks like DOOL is going to be full of drama. It wouldn’t be fall in Salem if it wasn’t!

More Days of Our Lives spoilers show Hattie Adams is definitely having trouble “acting” like Marlena Evans. She’s also bringing a ton of joy to the show, as she always does. After watching the last week of Days and the fall preview spoiler video, we can’t but wonder: is a Roman and Hattie hookup inevitable?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hattie Adams Struggles to Act Like Marlena Evans

If this past week on Days has proved anything, it’s that Hattie is definitely struggling to act like Marlena. Previously on DOOL, Belle Black (Martha Madison) found documentation in Marlena’s insurance and will papers that stated that she (Marlena) didn’t want any added help to prolong her life if she couldn’t speak for herself. This meant that they had to take Marlena, who was in a coma, off the life support she was on.

John Black (Drake Hogestyn), Marlena’s true love, couldn’t see this happen. So, along with Kayla Brady Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) and Roman Brady, they hid the “real” Marlena in an abandoned wing of the hospital that needs to be remodeled. In her place is Hattie, who just might ruin everything and blow their cover.

DOOL‘s Deidre Hall is so entertaining as Hattie Adams

One of the highlights of the show this fall has definitely been this storyline. Deidre Hall delivers an amazing performance, day after day, as the funny Hattie. But what’s also an interesting development in this storyline is the chemistry between Hattie and Roman Brady.

Is a Hattie Adams & Roman Brady Hookup Possible? – Days of Our Lives Spoilers

There’s no telling if Roman and Hattie will build off of their evident chemistry this fall, but the Days fall promo video that came out recently shows that they very well could. Fans, of course, would love to see this. Deidre Hall getting to interact with her two long-time career loves, Roman Brady and John Black? It’s a great shout out to the fans who have been here for a long time, without ruining the current relationship that Marlena Evans has with John.

Opposites Attract -Totally Applies To Roman Brady and Hattie

Plus, it’s just fun to watch the interactions between Roman and Hattie. Roman, ever the calm and serious guy, next to her, a bit kooky and fun, is a joy to watch. There’s just something about how they both quite often can’t stand each other. However, in the fall promo video, Roman says that she’s is growing on him! Like a weed, but still. At least she’s growing on him!

It’s also fun to witness their overall dynamic. It’s not like Roman is interested in Hattie in the least in the beginning, but us Days fans know how that can change in the blink of an eye. Who knows? Maybe these two will hit it off really well in the end!

Day of Our Lives Spoilers: Hattie Is Definitely Having Fun

While Hattie and Roman may not have an inevitable hookup (for various reasons), it’s still so much fun to watch their interactions. One of these reasons is because Deidre Hall is such a goddess as Marlena, but we never get to see her have fun — playing Hattie changes that. In the fall preview alone, we see her shaking it and dancing in her hospital gown, having the time of her life.

We don’t know how long Hattie is here for, or when Marlena Evans will wake up, but it’ll be a joy to watch her whole story play out. Plus, those Roman interactions and flirtations don’t hurt, either.

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