‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Interrogates Diana – Twisted Schemer Exposed at Last?

Days of Our Lives spoilers show John Black (Drake Hogestyn) grills Diana Cooper (Judith Chapman) about Marlena Evans’ (Deidre Hall) poisoning. John gets an inkling Diana had something to do with it. However, John his suspicions are the last thing that Diana Cooper needs at the moment. Look at what the silver fox does next on NBC’s DOOL.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: John Black Corners Diana Cooper

Previously on DOOL, Diana Cooper schemed to rid herself of Marlena Evans. She decided the best way to eliminate her foe would be through a fatal drug allergy. So, with murder on her mind, she poisoned Marlena. In her mind, Diana truly thought John would run to her for comfort after Marlena kicked the bucket.

Unfortunately for her, John saved Marlena and now she’s clinging to life. The docs recognized a severe allergic reaction, so they’ll test the cookies found in Marlena’s office. Then, he investigates. One of those grilled is Diana. However, recent Days of Our Lives spoilers say she tries to sidestep since she’s the perp that poisoned the colorful snack.

DOOL Spoilers: Diana Worries She Left Traces

Diana Cooper finds herself in a state of worry on Days of Our Lives in upcoming episodes. She doesn’t want John Black questioning her about Marlena Evans’s poisoning. And she frets that she may have left behind evidence that she was at the scene of the crime. The last thing she needs is proof of her crime.

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Now, Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) is plaguing her about his paternity. Leo is furious that his mother let her husband abuse him. And angry she let him think that guy was his dad. Of course, he also suspects that Diana might be lying about John Black being his bio-dad. So, she has a lot of balls in the air.

Somehow, Diana must manage Leo, figure out if she left evidence in Marlena’s office, and avoid John’s attempt to interrogate her. With Marlena Evans alive, nothing worked out as she hoped. However, as Marlena is in the hospital and vulnerable, Diana could always try to kill her again on DOOL.

Days of Our Lives: John Demands the Truth

It seems Marlena Evans faces one near-death crisis after another on DOOL. As always, John Black sticks by her side. So, nothing aligned to Diana’s master plan to get her man. John searches for the truth relentlessly as what happened to his wife was clearly not accidental.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say he wants to know who did this and why. Ultimately, him looking into the crime leads him to Diana. While John fell for her past manipulation, now he may take a much closer look. Perhaps she’s just one of many he questions – or she may be his primary suspect.

As John Black seeks justice for Marlena Evans, his questioning of Diana Cooper could lead him to the truth. This desperate schemer may be caught soon. With Leo and John both coming at her, it’s only a matter of time on DOOL before she’s exposed. Watch NBC to see it unfold.

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