‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Diana Panics – Evidence Left in Marlena’s Office Ties Her to Crime?

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Diana Cooper (Judith Chapman) worries when she realizes she may have left behind some evidence when she tried to kill Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). The last thing Diana needs is to go down for this attack. Someone like John Black (Drake Hogestyn) could stumble upon these artifacts. So, Diana is worried he’ll put two and two together and know it was her on NBC’s DOOL.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Diana Cooper Frantic – Evidence Left at Crime Scene?

According to recent DOOL spoilers, sketchy Diana Cooper worries over evidence she possibly left at the scene of a crime. She wanted rid of Marlena Evans so she’d have John all to herself. So, she took matters in hands and decided poison was the best way to eliminate Marlena Evans.

And that’s exactly what Diana did on Days of Our Lives. She drugged her foe, though now she may find herself in a world of trouble. If her worries are correct and she did leave behind crucial evidence to tie her to the crime, someone could realize she was the culprit behind the toxic allergic reaction.

Obviously, that’s the last thing she needs. Plus, Marlena doesn’t even die — she lands in the hospital fighting for her life instead. Diana wanted Marlena dead. She failed in that and now worries she’ll be caught, but the schemer is already making another plan.

DOOL Spoilers: Marlena Evans and John Stick Together

Much to Diana Cooper’s complete annoyance, it appears her plan utterly backfired. Diana pushed them closer instead of separating Marlena Evans from her love John on Days of Our Lives. With Marlena on her death bed, John is right there, loving her more than ever.

Just as he stuck by Marlena Evans after Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) shot her, now he won’t leave her again. In Diana’s fantasies, John Black rushed to her for comfort. Instead, he’ll stay at Marlena’s side while also digging into who tried to kill his wife. So, nothing is going Diana’s way on DOOL.

Days of Our Lives: Diana Tries Again?

Because she botched things, Diana Cooper needs to try again with Marlena Evans. With her rival at the hospital, she’s vulnerable so Leo’s mama may try and finish her off. Nothing like a well-timed pillow over the face to take out someone already lying near death on DOOL

As previous Days of Our Lives spoilers said, a nurse shocks John as she tells him Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) attacked his wife. Everyone thought Kristen was a crispy critter after the warehouse went boom, so John won’t be happy to hear she survived the blast.

Then again, Diana could bribe the nurse to deliver this false info She already has one nurse helping her, so it could be her that runs to John with the Kristen clue. Diana Cooper panics and covers her tracks, but everything unravels. Watch NBC to see if her dirty deed is discovered.

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