‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Not As Smart As She Thinks – Stefan Still Has Power – Here’s Why

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) is not as smart as she thinks she is. Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) has more power in his hand than she knows. In fact, the feisty Latina might have made a critical error in her plan to destroy her husband Stefan. Gabi is basking in the afterglow of her victory.

Her plan went even better than she hoped. However, in her rush, Gabi makes a hasty decision. So, her quick actions give Stefan a trump card that can turn the tables on her fast. Seems like Gabi Hernandez’s days as a DiMera could end quicker than expected on the NBC soap. See what you can expect on DOOL soon.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez & Stefan DiMera Marriage of Inconvenience

DOOL spoilers confirm Stefan DiMera and Gabi Hernandez tied the knot – it was a marriage of convenience. After Stefan was suspended as CEO of DiMera Enterprises, he needed help. So, as he fights the false charges filed by Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and now-dead Ted Laurent (Gilles Marini), Gabi offered herself as replacement CEO. That played perfectly into her master plan to seduce Stefan, marry him, and take him for every penny. Her plan went even better when her hubby signed over all his assets and gave her power of attorney as the board of directors mandated.

Gabi Hernandez accomplished everything she set out to achieve. However, along the way she developed real feelings for Stefan. As they say, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Seems she crossed that line. So, when Stefan DiMera suggests taking their wedding night party to the bedroom, she drops a bomb on the unsuspecting groom. She tells him to get out of her house. He’s not buying her act. He knows she has fallen in love with him as he has with, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers: Big Error – Gabi Hernandez Failed To Consummate Her Marriage

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Stefan DiMera just might have the last laugh on his wife. Gabi was so quick to reveal her plan to her husband that she made a critical error that can come back to bite her. The adrenaline rush from the power blinded her rational judgment. So, once Stefan clears his name, he’ll know his wife didn’t outsmart him after all. She’s a DiMera in name only and doesn’t have the true ruthlessness of a real DiMera.

DOOL spoilers tease Gabi Hernandez’s mistake was to not bed her groom. Stefan DiMera suggested taking their celebration to the bedroom and that is when Gabi unleashed her wrath on him. It’s rather a short-sighted move on her part. If she was thinking clearly, and like a DiMera, she would have hit the sheets with her new husband to seal the deal.

The fact that they did not consummate their marriage leaves an opening for Stefan to one-up his bride. He’s got grounds for an annulment thanks to her not bedding her hubby. Her days as Mrs DiMera and CEO of the family business are numbered once Stefan DiMera pulls his ace in the hole and turns the tables on his wife, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Soon Gabi Hernandez Regrets Kicking Stefan To The Curb

DOOL spoilers reveal Gabi Hernandez could have a change of heart on her revenge plan against her husband. She’s shocked when the SPD arrests her husband for Ted Laurent’s murder. She suspects a set up by “Nicole”. Stefan’s deepening legal issues see Gabi Hernandez regretting her decision to kick him to the curb. Truth is, she fell in love with her husband. However, she’s scared to admit it. Stefan DiMera hurt her badly, but now she finds herself in love with the man she sworn off as her enemy.

Gabi Hernandez will stand by her man, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers. Stefan DiMera is capable of many things but murder is not one of them. So, she knows Stefan was falsely accused. Gabi may surprise herself as she supports her new husband, but she’ll also works to prove his innocence. Watch DOOL this week to see them one-up each other. This war of the newlyweds amps up soon but will Gabi Hernandez and hubby Stefan DiMera come out of this with a happy ending or bitter enemies?

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